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Swinging, Parenting idea, and A Lilac

on May 11, 2008

While Andy and Elizabeth went to see Speed Racer last night, I took Vincent and Olivia for a ride in the wagon. We walked to a park about 20 minutes away so that Olivia could ride in the baby swings. She loves to swing! Vincent slept in the wagon. What a great baby. Andy and Elizabeth really enjoyed Speed Racer and said that we will buy it when it comes out. Which reminds me, we went with some friends and Elizabeth to see Superman when it came out, and during the beginning part where it’s all quiet because it’s saying who paid for the movie, Elizabeth started going, do do dododo do do dododododododododo. (The Superman theme, obviously I don’t write music, sorry) It was all quiet in the theater. It was too cute!! She was sitting between a couple of our game night buddies and we couldn’t stop her. Better than yelling, I guess. Then she kept asking when Superman would show up, ’cause it kept being Clark Kent. Funny girl.

Here’s my new bribery idea. One of my friends told me that she started to give her daughter quarters for chores she did around the house and in one day gave her $2.50. Well that seems like a little much if you have two little girls and I really don’t want to redo too many chores, so I devised a system.
Each night we decide how good they were on a scale of one to ten and that’s how many pennies they get. We may eventually graduate to better coins when the realize that a penny buys nothing, but for now, they just like to put money in the jar. I guess we can tell them that a “penny saved is a penny earned”. The other good thing about this is that we have a mom and dad jar too. When they get out of bed at night (our constant battle), we take a penny from their jar and put it into ours. They are doing much better the last few weeks.

I finally got my first lilac off of my lilac hedge. Last year I ordered them from a company online and they were just sticks. This is the only bloom so far, but it looks pretty good for only being one year old


2 responses to “Swinging, Parenting idea, and A Lilac

  1. Cute kids, cute lilacs, great job on both!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great use for the jars you emptied. Pennies add up! They are fun to count too. I’m glad you’re finding ways to keep the girls in bed. That was always a fight for me when all of you were little. MOM

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