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Finally a girl cousin on Crowther side!!

on May 18, 2008

Finally Elizabeth and Olivia have been joined by a girl cousin on the Crowther side. They are quite a bit out-numbered with 8 boy cousins and one brother. My parent’s have 9 grandsons and now 3 granddaughters. I’ll share a picture of the three girls together. Their new cousin has 4 big brothers and her name is Lydia. She was born on Sunday, May 18.

To get to the hospital, we decided to have an adventure. We caught the bus after Visiting Teaching and rode the bus for 20 minutes or so until it got to the hospital. Some of that time was waiting at the transfer station in the same bus. Here’s the pictures of us on the bus and waiting at bus stops. Vincent is hiding under the blanket in his carrier, asleep.


One response to “Finally a girl cousin on Crowther side!!

  1. Beautiful girls! Sara was in my old ward. My husband home taught her while we lived in Kennewick (we moved to Pasco 4 months ago). I usually see her at the Park on Tuesdays! I had no idea she was related! Cool :)

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