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Books and Toys…

on May 24, 2008

Here’s all the kids on Sunday in their nice outfits. The sweater is still too big for Vincent, but I put it on him anyway.
Vincent is finally starting to pick up toys (well, hold them when I give them to him and make his little fingers hold them anyway.) We bought him this caterpillar that has different things in it (crinkle noise, rattles, squeaks). I decided that it was long enough he wouldn’t be able to loose it too easily while I’m in the shower if he’s awake (hopefully then I won’t come out and hear him crying every time. Oops. I do take care of him, I promise.)
I was at a quilting class on Wednesday during Elizabeth’s preschool (we swap with other moms and trade houses, 5 little girls.) Olivia was trying to cheer Vincent up by reading him a book. What a nice big sister. (I know, she needs her bangs cut again.)
My mom found this train for Vincent, so I decided to set it up for him before the girls wreck it. He seems to like it. He was following it with his eyes around the oval and I think he liked the music too. Thanks mom.


2 responses to “Books and Toys…

  1. Em & M's says:

    I am a firm believer that it is OK to leave your baby crying while you take a shower, as long as he or she is safe. But yeah, it’s still hard sometimes. Vincent is such a cute little guy! I’m sure it’s fun to see him learn new things.

  2. Kelsey says:

    I love the picture of Vincent concentrating so hard on the train- so cute.

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