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Cereal for Vincent, Potty for Olivia…

on May 31, 2008

Sorry, two days in a row with new blogging. Oh, and I’m taking tons of pictures today because I got a “surprise” new camera last night. I’m still trying to figure out the flash and stuff, which is why things are still a little funny.

Olivia started potty-training on Tuesday this week. She already decided that she’d rather go on the big toilet instead of the baby one. Yeah! I don’t have to dump and clean it anymore. Also, she does all her business there if we catch her at the right time…She pooped in her pullup two days in a row in the morning right after I put it on her, but after that has gone in the toilet. I hope this keeps up!

Today, Vincent was still acting really hungry right after I fed him, so I mixed up some cereal for him. He is also 4 months old today! He ate like a champ. When I brought the spoon in close, he’d open right up and take it in his mouth. Again, what a good baby!!! I am so surprised with him.

After he finished his 4 teaspoon meal of cereal, he went right to sleep in the vibrating seat that was Elizabeth’s. Poor Vincent has to sit in a blue seat with pink flowers. Oh well. Not worth replacing. The flowers are little.


One response to “Cereal for Vincent, Potty for Olivia…

  1. Molly and Olivia must have been comparing notes. I was so happy when Molly decided that the little potty was “for babies” and switched over to the big one. I hope Olivia’s keeping up the potty pooping too.

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