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Sprinklers, Bikes, and More…

on June 5, 2008

On Monday, the weather was nice enough to put out our sprinkler for the girls to run in. I put my foot down for the swimming pool. Too cold(and it takes too long to fill up too.) Elizabeth loved it and kept posing for me drinking the water. Olivia liked it, but not too close. She liked going down the slide though.

Tuesday, Andy had a meeting, so I took the kids to the playground two blocks away. I let Elizabeth ride her bike and Olivia had her little trike, with Vincent in the stroller. Elizabeth shot off ahead of us with her little training wheels (this summer she will have them removed….) and Olivia took so long. Her helmet was funny too. It was too low. She kept having to bump it back up with her hand, like she was saluting or something. Part of the reason was that the trike is getting too little for her now, or that she is too heavy for it. (It was cheap.) She did stick it out though and rode all the way there, just in time for…Rain…again! It took like 20 minutes to go the two blocks! I took a couple pictures of the girls at the playground and then heard thunder and decided we better hurry. I carried the trike, Olivia pushed Vincent’s stroller, and Elizabeth rode on home. Andy met us halfway, since the meeting was over. He carried Olivia home.

Wednesday was Elizabeth’s preschool graduation. I do a mommy swap preschool with some friends from another ward at church and we met at a playground this time to have a little ceremony and picnic lunch. We had only girls for most of the time. There were too little boys for a month or so. We started in the fall. Elizabeth loved it. We just traded who was teacher and went to their house for two hours on Wednesday morning. The girls got to do show and tell (their favorite part of preschool) and crafts and play at the end. They had a great time. Plus, it was mostly free. Even better. We had subjects and letters for each week too. One of my friends talked to her mom and found these graduation hats. Funny. Plus it was a little windy and they kept blowing off. The second picture is with one of her friends who has the same shirt and they seemed to wear it at the same time often.


2 responses to “Sprinklers, Bikes, and More…

  1. The Stevens: says:

    Yea for Graduation! What a fun time we had! We’ll miss you guys next year:)

  2. shaunie says:

    You’re brave getting the water out, I haven’t even bothered too. It’s pretty breezy out her a lot of the time. The picture of the helmet falling down Olivia’s forehead is so cute. She looks very determined to ride that trike. I’m headed back to Utah the 16th or 17th this month.

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