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Cute Puppies!

on June 28, 2008

Friday, I got together again with a few of my classmates from high school. The kids and I went out to Burbank to go to my friends’ house. The kids big enough to, ran in the sprinkler and splashed in a wading pool, then my friend brought out her three beagle brand new puppies. They were adorable! They couldn’t even walk yet; that’s how new they were. She had a couple of the kids sit down to hold them, so Olivia sat down and said, “Me want hold doggy.” She is normally scared of animals close up, but actually held this one for like 10 minutes. She loved it. Elizabeth put hers to sleep. She loves them too. They have to get their fill of pets other places because we don’t do pets at our house. My dad is allergic, so I tell them that if we got them, Grandpa Paul wouldn’t be able to come over. (He really wouldn’t be able to, without sneezing like crazy and having a runny nose) Plus, Andy and I aren’t pet people….But, if all pets stayed as cute as these puppies, maybe….
Check them out!

Oh, and I have an awesome friend with two little girls and a boy (same order as us, just a little closer together) who is doing a great and fabulous arts and craft day every other week or so for an afternoon. The first time, they painted frames for Father’s Day. On Thursday, seven little girls made toilet paper butterflies. I think they are super cute. Next up, necklace making. I love having a good, crafty friend to take my kids to play and have fun!! Here’s a picture of all the kids with their butterflies:


2 responses to “Cute Puppies!

  1. What a fun friend to do an arts and crafts day!! She must be so cool! :)

  2. shaunie says:

    Puppies are so cute – I wish they stayed that way. My husband is allergic to cats, and not a fan of dogs, so we won’t be pet people either. Little kids sure love holding them though!

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