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End of Swimming Lessons and Potty-Training?…

on July 11, 2008

This was the last day of swimming lessons for this session (two weeks). Elizabeth will do her level 1 class again in three weeks. She can do half of the things on the list to move up. She just needs more practice and confidence. She has decided that “bobs” are fun to do. “Bobs” mean putting her head under the water. That is a big step up. Here’s what she did at swimming lessons today:

Will she do it? Will she jump? Nope, just dropped in. That’s alright.

Keeping up with swimming lessons has made us extra busy. We went there every day at 11am and so we couldn’t do much before the class (ie: buy milk or frozen things or go to playdates at that time or the library storytime.)

Enough with the swimming lessons, Olivia is wearing panties this week!!! She decided on Tuesday afternoon that she wanted to wear them and put them on (after she emptied her drawer to find some) and didn’t even tell me. I know what you’re thinking, “oops, accidents”, but no, I walked past the girls’ room and saw the mess and figured it out. Kids are always surprised that moms know what they’re doing or did….I don’t know why? Olivia is doing awesome and has mostly kept herself dry. She has been telling me when she needed to go at swimming lessons too, but that might just be so that she could have a sucker or peice of gum. She loves gum and suckers. I’ve even caught her in time to do #2 on the toilet a couple of times. I keep trying to tell her how much easier it is without poop on her bum. I think she’s getting it. I told Olivia that she has to be potty-trained to have a birthday party with friends and to do ballet. She wanted to start planning the birthday party and keeps asking me when it is. She wants to paint (watercolor, I’m not that brave) and dress up and dance and make necklaces. I don’t know if there will be time for everything, but she wants to do it all. Plus, I told her that one of her little friends is all done and doesn’t need diapers anymore. Yea!!
She got to pick out a potty-training toy on Wednesday (jumping the gun, I know, but I was excited!) and she picked out a cool coloring tray that goes over her legs when she sits on the ground to color on. It came with markers, crayons, stickers, Barbie coloring pages, and more. She likes it, although the stickers and Barbie pages are all gone already. (Elizabeth likes it too.)
The only problem with her being potty-trained is that now all her pants fall off. Only the 18 month ones stay on. She’s too little. She has so many cute outfits that won’t fit yet. At least they will at some point.

Andy went to Montana this week. He left Tuesday mid-morning and came back on Thursday afternoon. He flew this time. We all missed him a bunch. The kids did pretty good and didn’t bother me much more than normal, but it is nice to have him home. The girls jumped all over him as soon as he got home. He said after like five minutes that they were already bugging him. I think someone needs to hang out with them more…..

Vincent is doing good too. I think he’s teething though and that means he’s eating more too. He gets up every three hours or so at night again most nights. He eats fast though, so it’s not too bad. He is really rolling from his tummy better now and can spin himself in a circle while on his back on the floor. He is grabbing things pretty good now too. I’m thinking my hair might be getting too long again. :)
No more necklaces for a while, I guess.

Oh, update on me, I did most of the things on my list from a couple blogs ago. I obviously took care of the kids. I weeded half of the garden that’s all the garbage can could hold and there was no more light in the sky). I made dinner. I went to Elizabeth’s Swimming lessons. I also finished the baby cross-stitch and I finished the bear wedding one yesterday. (I started a new one today. Too many baby’s and weddings in the summertime. Just kidding. I love doing them.) Things are great here. What’s going on at your houses?


One response to “End of Swimming Lessons and Potty-Training?…

  1. shaunie says:

    My second is starting to potty-train too, but has been for 3 or 4 months now. She does #2 really well on the potty, but not #1. I can’t even count how many accidents she’s had. Same goes for the clothes not fitting without diapers! I feel like all kids her age are bigger than she is, but you’ve got one of those too!

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