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Cousin’s Birthday!

on July 14, 2008

Tonight for FHE we went over to Andy’s sister’s house in Pasco for her son’s 4th birthday. He is a super cute and busy boy. He had an awesome cake that we done up like a race track. It was two circle cakes with frosting and then it had a tic tac edge around the track and crushed up Oreos on the inside with cute little cars on top. Andy’s sister is so creative!

Vincent fell asleep on their carpet during the party. I laid him down so he could play, and he fell right asleep. They must have the carpet from the commercials with the crying baby who immediately falls asleep when put on the carpet. Just kidding.

Three of Andy’s four sisters were there and also his Mom and Dad and his Grandma Ellen with her fiance. They just got engaged a little while ago and are getting married the middle of August. I knew him from where I grew up. He is nice and has very nice children. One of his sons was my Bishop growing up and the youngest son is in our ward now with his family. They are all very nice. We are so excited for her.

We love living close to so much of our family and being able to see them often. We are even able to swap babysitting with the ones who have kids (even the one couple who doesn’t have kids will come and BBsit ours.) That’s nice!

We are getting ready for our Ward Campout this weekend and are getting the kids excited for that. We bought a tent a month ago and will use it there for the first time. Elizabeth said that we need someone else to come with us though because she saw when we bought it that it’s a 6-8 person tent, so she thinks that we have to have 6 people. I told her that Vincent’s bed will take up a lot of room and so will our air mattress. She still thinks we need to invite someone else. Hmm. I don’t think so.

Update on potty-training. Olivia wore panties on Sunday, but had two accidents, so today she wore a pull-up and was only wet after an afternoon ride in the car when I forgot to make her go before we left. She was out of panties today though and I had to do laundry.

TEETHING-Vincent must be getting some teeth because he woke up a bunch on Sunday night wanting food. I gave him a bottle filled with water and held it for him, but left him in his crib, since I had just fed him. He must have just wanted something to chew on. He’s been slobbery lately too and eats his whole fists. He’s still happy most of the time, but really likes me to be in the room with him or holding him.


One response to “Cousin’s Birthday!

  1. Kelsey says:

    Olivia sounds fun to have around. Good luck camping. We’ll all come and make it 8! :)

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