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Good Buys at Kohl’s!

on July 17, 2008

I went to Kohl’s yesterday while Elizabeth was on a playdate and found some great deals! I was looking for some school clothes for Elizabeth to wear during her first week of school and I found some! Also while there, Olivia went potty three times. They have a great family bathroom with two potties. One is a normal adult one, one is a tiny kid one that doesn’t have the auto-flush. Most kids don’t like that. Very kid-friendly, so if you have to go to the bathroom in a store, I recommend Kohl’s. For Elizabeth I found three shirts and two pairs of capri pants. One shirt was $2, the other two were $2.40 and the capri’s were $3.60. Here are her great deals:

I also found a couple of things for me. I found Dockers tan corduroy pants with a belt for $4 (normally $40=90%off) and another pair of stretchy exercise pants that were $3.40 (normally $34=90% off) and a shirt that was $4 (normally $20=80% off). And bonus, they all fit! I don’t know who pays the actual price. I never do.

I also signed up the other day for their emails and got a $5 off coupon in the store, so I used that and if you use a Kohl’s card, you get an extra percentage off (I got 15%, could have got 30%), so my grand total for all of that was: $18.78.

While I was taking those pictures, I came out and caught Elizabeth “reading” to Olivia. Cute. Especially since two minutes later they ran to me crying saying that one hit the other…..and last night they wouldn’t go to sleep without me having to yell at them a bunch. They had a couple extra chores to do this morning for me for that and no special blankies to sleep with last night. I don’t know what else to take away from them sometimes. Any ideas on bedtime?


5 responses to “Good Buys at Kohl’s!

  1. Kelsey says:

    You got some awesome deals! I looked there last week but didn’t see any like that! Way ta go! Elizabeth reading to Olivia is so cute.

  2. The Stevens: says:

    OH MY GOSH, I love Kohls… ALWAYS great deals… I’m going there this weekend:)

  3. C.Family says:

    Cute clothes! I love good deals. Maybe I will have to make it over there sometime. Why does anyone pay full price? I don’t get that one.

  4. Congrats on the good deals at Kohls! PS: I love the Superman shirt on your daughter – very cute!! :)

  5. NaDell, I made a blog. This was the easiest way to tell you… I guess. the address is http://brantandtina.blogspot.comp.s. we’re excited to come stay with you guys!

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