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More quirks of me.

on October 25, 2008

One of my HS friends’ sisters tagged me on her blog. I used to hang out with her a little too. It’s fun to see what people I know are up to.

1. I like to dance at home, but not at dances with my friends. Kind of strange.
2. I love to read, but still haven’t read Twilight.
3. I like to take treats to friends’ houses and be thanked by their husbands. Most of my friends don’t make treats very often and I make them way too much.
4. Iam trying not to make every blog about my kids.
5. I love saving money by shopping clearance. Kohl’s is awesome for that. (just for the record, if NaDell stayed out of Kohl’s, we’d really save some money)
6. I like to stay up at night to finish projects without interruptions.
7. I had too many boyfriends too young, but met the right guy at the right time. Yea!
I tag…………….. Amye, Kim, Lisa, Shanell, Monica, Kelsey, and Emily H.

One response to “More quirks of me.

  1. emily johns says:

    Oh that reminds me I was tagged with this one too. Better get on it. You should read twilight. I am on the third book, and it’s pretty good, although I wouldn’t rave about the series. It’s fun easy reading

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