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Pumpkin Patch Again

on October 26, 2008

We went to the pumpkin patch again and added in Andy and my brother with his wife and son.

We all had fun. The kids love to run around and play with Colby, Elizabeth and Colby go about the same pace, Olivia is constantly trying to keep up. They all got rid of a lot of energy.

My camera ran out of batteries as soon as I took 11 pictures, so I only have a few good ones from the hay stacks. Maybe my SIL, Kori, will have some up soon on her blog. Andy says: I felt a tiny bit bad that I made Joe keep an eye on the girls and help Olivia climb the hay pyramid while I pushed Vincent around in his stroller, but I get enough hay when I have to work in hay barns and I hate the stuff.
The kids loved picking their pumpkins, of course, and took their time. They ran through the maze and tried to get us to buy them ice cream (even Colby, who can’t eat regular ice cream)and my girls tried inviting themselves over to Colby’s house or to eat McD’s with us for dinner. Didn’t work this time. We hung out just us instead and had a relaxing evening. Which is a nice change.
Friday night we had a ward progressive dinner. Our family went over to someone elses’ house for appetizers and then a different family came to our house for dinner and then everyone went to the church for ice cream (see they didn’t need any on Saturday too! Especially since Elizabeth was going around finishing off the other kids’ ice cream) and games.
After that, we had a family in our ward over to play games. That was fun, even though they won.
I got to go and help at the school again with Kindergarten weighing and measuring and the nurses did the vision screening. Elizabeth is right in the middle of the group sizewise. There are so many tiny kids though. All the biggest ones are girls too.
Thursday, I walked with Elizabeth both ways to school! We haven’t done that too much lately because of colds, so it was nice to do that again. Andy worked a little late (someone has to keep this family in the lap of luxury), so I got to play with the kids extra and we went to Elizabeth’s “math and art” night at her school. They had tables set up to do all kinds of projects in the gym and the computer lab and library open to do other things. They had the most fun with beads. Elizabeth colored a pattern on a paper and then made the beads that way on the page. They love to make things. They jumped around a lot though and also played with playdoh, made pumpkins, folded origami (the ancient art of paper folding) paper into a swan, and picked up some coloring pages to do at home.
I’m gearing up for our ward’s provident living ward activity on Tuesday and Halloween with our party the next day. We are super excited and have SO much to do this week. I don’t think I’ll update for a couple days. Maybe though, if you’re lucky.

4 responses to “Pumpkin Patch Again

  1. I still can’t believe that any of my friends have kids in school. That sounds like tons of fun you guys had at the school party thing. I also love reading the tag. One child at the doctor’s office. Does life get any sweeter!!! I love it when Madi is able to do something other than being tragged to another Doc appt.

  2. Becky says:

    We spent Saturday morninga the pumpkin patch. There were quite a few people but no where near as crazy as when Kindergarten went. That was a busy day!

  3. Your kids look adorable on atop the pumpkins…how fun. The perfect Fall activity.

  4. I meant ‘atop the haystacks’ sorry. I was thinking about pumpkins. :)

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