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Our Thanksgiving Dinners

on November 27, 2008

Yes. Plural. Two. We love to be busy and because we have two families who live close together. One year, we even had three Thanksgivings. This works because my family likes to eat Thanksgiving Dinner at noon and Andy’s family eats Thanksgiving Dinner at dinnertime.
We went to Walla Walla for the meal with my family. All my siblings, except for one, were there. (My brother in Cuba is supposed to be home for a visit in December sometime though.) My dad also invited several families from their ward to join us at the church. I did the veggie tray and the cranberry sauce. I recieved an awesome veggie-holding tray as a wedding present, so I love to use it!

All the food was delicious. My sister-in-law made a paper turkey and we all wrote on the feathers things that we are thankful for. They are going to visit our grandpa and grandma tomorrow to give it to them. We played some games after eating and had pictures too.

This cousin picture has all the cousins except for Ben who lives in Ohio. (zoom in, some of them have funny looks on their faces, but this is the best we can do when we’re trying to get them all to look at the camera at the same time.)

Then we were off to Kennewick for dinner with Andy’s family. Two of his local sisters were there for dinner and then one sister and Andy’s grandma and new grandpa came for dessert. I brought a veggie tray and cranberry sauce here too, but also brought a yummy banana cream pie. (Andy’s sister made one last year with chocolate chips melted in the bottom of a regular pie crust, but that made it kind of hard to cut and eat, so I made one in an Oreo crust, and it is SO good. I’ve made four of them in the last week!) The kids colored and played with cousins there too. They love to run in the hallway and up and down the stairs. (Too bad the smaller cousins are slow on the stairs and get to the bottom just when the older kids run to the top. Sorry Archer and Sami!) Vincent got to be held by uncles and aunts galore and even was able to “help” Uncle David play with his video game. Uncle Doug fed him some rolls and all the aunts and grandmas and grandpas picked him up anytime we put him down, even though he didn’t have pants on. What a lucky kid!

The only bad things that happened today was that NaDell irrepairably ripped out the rear of her favorite jeans (I was squating to pick up Vincent as we left and they totally gave out. They are fairly new too and fit me great. They didn’t cost too much though, so I’ll just have to go and get a new pair, but not tomorrow. That’s crazy day at the store!) And Vincent blew out his diaper and spent second Thanksgiving with no pants (diaper, but no pants. He only had shorts in the car.)
It was still a lot of fun and we love to visit with all of our family. We are so lucky to have so much family that we love to hang out with all the time. (I think they like us too.)

I know that this isn’t the best picture of my kids. They made faces or tried to get off in all the other ones even worse than this one.

Elizabeth said that she is grateful for our house and for Vincent and that she loves to go to school and was then counting the days until she could go back.

Olivia is grateful for milk and Aunt Torrie and Grandma Ellen. (We just saw them, so that’s probably why those popped into her head when I asked.)
The girls told me that Vincent is grateful for milk and people playing with him.

Vincent (10 months, almost) is now a full-fledged crawler. Forward, backward, and rolling. He is really getting fast. He can also sit himself back up on his bottom from laying down now. Soon he’ll be pulling himself up. Crazy!


2 responses to “Our Thanksgiving Dinners

  1. April says:

    If it were socially acceptable, Scott would have spent the second half of Thanksgiving dinner without pants too:)

  2. JK says:

    I think your kids look so cute! It’s great to hear what you guys are grateful for. I’m excited for Vincent to be crawling for both you and him. People keep telling me I shouldn’t have to adjust much since I already have one mobile kid, well jared still eats stuff he’s not supposed to when Kaitlyn would just play with it so I am still adjusting. :) I’m glad you guys had a great Holiday. Kari

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