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Video and Fun Pictures

on December 20, 2008

Here’s a video of Vincent playing with our Friend magazine. He (before I started the camera) was pulling it off the coffee table and “reading” it and then would push it into the bottom section of the coffee table. He pushed it in several times before getting the next one down to look at. He didn’t even bump his head on those edges yet either. Notice towards the end when Vincent sneezes out his binky and then Olivia picks it up to give it to him that he won’t just let her put it in, he checks it and then puts it in himself. Independent kid. He is finally starting to want to pull a few ornaments off the tree, but I put the ones that can’t break (as easily) on the bottom, so it’s not a big deal. He just looks at them for a few minutes and then leaves them behind for something else when he sees something nicer (or when Olivia tells him “No NO Vincent!” and takes it away from him.-I guess Elizabeth does that too. At least I don’t have to worry about disciplining him much. The girls will take care of that for me, right? Busybodies.) They are little mommies.

After the video, Elizabeth wandered around the house taking pictures of things. She’s really interested in taking pictures and does a pretty good job too! The picture on my profile is one she took a month or so ago.

Elizabeth’s extreme close-up.

Still learning how to take pictures without fingers in the way.

Window clings and snow outside and Andy’s work Jeep. See our snow?

Just for fun, I’ll talk about our Primary Worker party tonight. (That’s right. We just got home and I’m doing it already, Joe J. and Aaron!) We had a delicious meal of party potatoes and ham and rolls with salads and desserts that we (the workers) brought. Andy and I were both released this year from Primary, so we were still invited. It’s the second best party our ward has each year. We’ll have to find a way to be invited again next year. (the first best party is our Ward’s Chili Chowder feed. Yum!)
We had an acapella quartet come and sing to us. They told a little joke. One of the guys is in our ward and his wife is in the Primary Presidency so he was talking about how much his wife liked to shop and especially liked when things were on sale. She’ll buy anything that’s marked down. In fact, once she came home with the escalator. Some people laughed and then he said that we were the first group to get it. I said “If no one got it yet, why’d he keep telling it?” The girl next to me said that she still didn’t get it. I had to explain to her that the escalator had a sign on it that said it was down. It was marked down. I had to go through it like twice while trying not to laugh because they were still singing. I usually don’t have to explain jokes. Hmm. Funny. Andy and I were silent (as much as we could) laughing about this little diversion.
Then we did our much waited for white elephant exchange. That is always so much fun. There is always a few gifts that are stolen over and over or someone that gets their present taken from them over and over. I think mine was stolen about 4 times, so I finally picked one under the tree. When we left there, there was about an inch of new snow on the ground. Still snowing too.


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