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Our snowmen…

on December 24, 2008

We made the dough for the snowmen in the previous post and baked it for the 2 hours (like the instructions said) and then let them set overnight (like the instructions said). Since I read the instructions after posting, I found another snowman craft to do with clay pots. I like how they turned out more too!

I had to go and get white paint anyway, so I picked up some clay pots and found a 18 inch Nutcracker to add to my collection that was discounted 70 percent and then the lady at the register saw a crack in the leg (long, but I didn’t even notice it) and discounted me more so it was $2.44. Originally $29.99. Nice. I love it. It fits in perfectly and it’s taller than my others.
Our cute clay pot snowmen. The stocking caps and scarves are some of Olivia’s socks. Those were the only clean colors.

We did the clay pot snowmen yesterday and then finished up our salt dough snowmen today.
These ones are the ones that I did without the girls. I couldn’t get twigs and didn’t try very hard, so I just used toothpicks. The stuff by their ears are earmuffs and the snow-women have buttons on their heads too. Nothing too fancy. I didn’t want small things falling off all over the house. These won’t even stand up, so I’m still not sure what to do with them.
I did a lot of these too, but the girls helped me make the balls, painted the splotchy white, picked colors, and tied their knots for the scarves. Elizabeth painted the earmuffs on hers too.

The salt dough cracked really bad on the back and they didn’t stay together very well. Only one snowman fell apart and the others weren’t mushed and cute like the ones in the pro picture. The girls were happy to be doing crafts and wanted to do even more than I let them do.

Maybe we’ll make snowflakes tomorrow. I forgot about that craft until I saw some in Christy’s window. The girls will love that. They love to cut things out.

Vincent apparently likes our “big Elmo” just like the girls did. Here he is all sacked out.
Elizabeth liked it a lot. We bought her a little one after she saw a giant one like this at my family Eve of Christmas Eve get together when she was almost 1. My sister-in-law (only paid $5) gave one to Elizabeth’s boy cousins, who played with it for a few minutes and then surrendered it to Elizabeth. We had to go out and get her one too, but didn’t want to pay 30 bucks for one in the store. I told one of my friends that Elizabeth was crawling all over it that whole night and she said that her kids didn’t care about their’s anymore and that we could have it. Awesome! Here Elizabeth is still loving it when she was two. Olivia loved it too, but I didn’t seem to get any pictures of it. Oops.


2 responses to “Our snowmen…

  1. C.Family says:

    Cute snowmen. I remember giving that Elmo to the boys and wishing I had given it to Elizabeth. I didn’t know she loved Elmo so much!

  2. janaemadsen says:

    I miss your perfect baby and your family! Merry Christmas!

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