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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

on December 26, 2008

Since I wrapped all the presents a week or so ago, I just had to add tags and ribbons to them, so the kids helped me with that Christmas Eve day. They also all found a good use for the boxes the presents were in after they were emptied. The girls helped cut ribbon, pick out tags, and put presents under the tree. They were awfully curious what was in each present, especially some that made noise. Elizabeth took these pictures of Vincent and Olivia in the box. I was a little worried that they would care more about the boxes on Christmas too!

Vincent playing in the box. He loved it, even when the girls closed him in a little.
Even Elizabeth and Olivia wanted to play in the biggest box. Good thing I ordered presents online! And, bonus, they all looked at the camera! (Too bad Elizabeth’s hair was amuck.)

We spent Christmas Eve at Andy’s parents’ house in Kennewick with Sara, David, and Sami and Torrie and Brad and Andy’s parents, George and Shirley.

We had a delicious enchilada meal and then we did a short program with a few carols, a story, some memories of favorite (or not so much) Christmas pasts, and we brought our nativity puppets to share. My mom made the three older siblings in my family a set before the last three siblings were married. Andy added a Herod to our set two years ago and a few nights ago, Andy made a star, camel, and Cesar to complete our set. Now he wants to add a few more too! The pictures are great. I love how everyone gets into it. I just like to sit and take the pictures of everyone so excited.

Sara had the Angel and the Star puppets.
George had the Lamb and the Shepard puppets. (I don’t know what happened to the lighting in this one. It’s the best one of the several pictures I took too!)
David with the Inn Keeper and Cesar.
Elizabeth with Mary and Joseph, Torrie with Baby Jesus, Vincent with a stray pet shop and Santa slippers.
Olivia was excited about the cow and donkey. She likes the cow because it has a bell.
Shirley got into two of the wise men.
Elizabeth was making the Mary and Joseph kiss. Torrie has the camel and Brad has the third wise man and King Herod.

I love that when I ask Elizabeth why we have Christmas, she doesn’t immediately go to presents. Instead, she says, “Because Jesus was born on Christmas.” That did take some training, by the way. I want that to be the most important part of Christmas for her because at this age they are so close to the Spirit and can keep that with them, if I can just help them. That’s a goal of mine.

After the program, we hung out and talked for a while and then went home to get ready for Santa’s visit. We put the kids to bed and I tidied the house so the kids could get right to playing after opening presents (plus, I wanted to throw out some colored pages we didn’t need cluttering up the counter).

Then, I went to bed for a fitful nights sleep. I can never sleep the night before Christmas.


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