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Big Days.

on January 15, 2009

So, today is my Mom’s birthday. She is awesome!

She is a super crafty, fun, nice, thoughtful lady who likes to cook, quilt, and take pictures.

She enjoys doing all the things that her Mom, Grandma, and Aunt taught her.

She takes good care of my Dad and loves GRANDKIDS! Good thing we have some!

Have a GREAT birthday, Mom! Sorry our card is late. It’s still on the counter. Oops.

We love when you visit us and the kids get so excited to see you.

It’s awfully hard to find a picture of our family picture-taker. Here’s one of Mom cuddling Vincent. (Andy says: I told Mary we’d pay her back for all the pictures she makes us pose for, at her funeral. I’m going to make everyone pose by the casket for a picture, and then I’ll throw a set in with her. Mary’s response was, “what makes you think you’ll be at my funeral? My grandmother outlived all her son-in-laws.” Touche!) Oh, and I agree with my baby sister’s blog too! She beat me to it!
And tomorrow is my Dad’s mom’s 85th birthday! She is very frugal, likes to keep records, likes to write and receive letters and phone calls, enjoys Scrabble and visits from grand- and great- grandkids. She loves family and is very thoughtful.

There are so many immediate family birthdays this month that I probably won’t do a post about each one, but it is also my other grandma’s birthday (who I never met), my great-grandma’s birthday (who lived to 97 years old), my brother, Brant’s birthday, Andy’s sister’s birthday, my Dad’s Dad’s birthday (He’s 84), and so many cousins and friend’s birthdays. What a fun time of year.


2 responses to “Big Days.

  1. Mary says:

    Thanks, daughter of mine. You found a pretty good pic of me. No double chins. hahaha. I hadn’t seen that one.

  2. haha i wish i wouldn’t have beat you actually… i was up with jackson. no fun!!!

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