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Red Robin

on January 16, 2009

Tonight we did our once monthly eating-out (New Year Goals). We went to Red Robin because we had a gift card ($20 prize from last years PLCs Plus, non-gambling, March Madness contest. It’s the flagship sports predicting challenge of the year and Andy won it the last two years. With a little luck he’ll get an unprecedented three-peat this March. This is even though he doesn’t care much about sports.) and a coupon for a free kid’s meal. It ended up being just a few dollars more than fast food with those combos. I love using coupons! Now we just have to keep ourselves from eating out again until the middle of February. We did make it 16 days into January though. Here’s some pictures I took while we were there for fun. All day Olivia was calling Red Robin “Red Robin Hood”. She’s so funny. I think she’d be good at some of those combo Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune answers.NaDell says: “I love Red Robin’s Raspberry Limeade. It is so YUMMY! Where’s my little umbrella?”
Vincent says: “Give me some &$*% food, lady!” Don’t believe me? He’s flipping the bird in the other picture NaDell took of him. He ate french fries, fruit puffs, and some of my bun. He also dropped his little toy cars on the ground a (surprisingly) few times.Olivia and Elizabeth were both very into the color page until their pop came. They were both pretty excited about that, we usually cheap out and get them ‘water-pop’. They both ate all their food and Elizabeth was still hungry! She is always so hungry. She must be getting even taller, either that or the poor little weasel has a tapeworm.


2 responses to “Red Robin

  1. Carrie says:

    Hey, cool! We went to Red Robin for lunch today! I wanted to go when Alyssa got out of school, because it’s not busy at 1:30 in the afternoon. It would have been cool if we went later and saw you guys!

  2. looks like fun! i feel like elizabeth! i’m always hungry… always!

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