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Gotta Keep on Keepin’ on

on January 17, 2009

I know, I know, I post almost every day. Now I just have to keep it up, right? The kids are all asleep, finally. The girls used to be better at going to bed, but lately are awful. Everything is a battle. They are always needing to go to the bathroom, get drinks, need a Tum, etc. The usual. They already have a piece of bread and a drink of milk during Scriptures and stories, so they shouldn’t be hungry. I understand going to the bathroom and they are supposed to get a drink after brushing their teeth! Sheesh. It’s such a hassle lately. (I don’t think it helps that tonight we started a little later than normal, but really!) They even played a ton today. They had our neighbor boy over and they even ran around outside and then a few hours later they had four boy cousins come and play while their little sister slept and their parents went out together. I just don’t know what the deal is.
I also decided that I need to restart the quarter allowance for behavior chart I made up months ago. The penny jars stopped working. I made a chart to put on the wall that has each kid’s name and the quarters they can earn. Elizabeth-5, Olivia-3, and Vincent-1 (I mostly just put him on there to rub it in to the girls that he will earn his every time.) They were so bad at going to bed tonight though, that I already crossed one each off of the girls’ rows. Here’s a picture:
Last time, I would just cross one way on Olivia’s each time she was naughty, so she had 6 chances and Elizabeth had three. I’ll probably do that again. One quarter from each week has to go in their piggy banks. On Friday, we raided the piggy banks to pick out books from the Scholastic Book Order. Olivia had $3 and change, Elizabeth had $5 and change, and I had $11 and change. I bought books for Vincent and the girls, though.

I just was loading on the picture of the chart onto the computer and found this one that Andy must have taken this morning of Vincent playing with Star Wars McDonald’s toys. I do love surprise pictures on the camera though. As long as they’re not awful ones of me….
Is someone brainwashing my baby? Is anyone brainwashing yours? (Andy says: Vincent will hear this in the future, when the need arises, “put that Barbie down! Go build something with your Legos, and it better have guns on it!”)


2 responses to “Gotta Keep on Keepin’ on

  1. My kids have been Bomber brainwashed since birth!!! They are finally beginning to understand that I was once a Brave!

  2. April says:

    Adam had never seen an episode of Sesame Street but he knew who Elmo was by the time he was a year old. Elmo totally brainwashed my child.

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