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Clean up everybody, everywhere….

on January 20, 2009

I know, that song is from Barney which is not allowed in our house, but they sing it in nursery and I don’t mind the song and I didn’t even know it came from Barney until a few years ago.
On Monday, since there was no school, that’s what we did. We cleaned. A lot! It all started when Vincent woke up just as my head hit the pillow (of course)….
I went out to the kitchen and decided to get a head start on my to-do list for Monday morning. There was a lot on it, so I started with the dishes. I loaded the rest of the dishwasher and then found that I needed to clean the pans from cookies and then cleaned the stovetop. Then, I cleaned under the toaster, mixer, and drawer set on my counter before dumping out crumbs in the toaster and cleaning UNDER the stove and UNDER the fridge. I was a little surprised by the smaller than expected amount of dust and crumbs and arrant noodles underneath. =) I even found the piece that’s been missing from our Cootie set, the bow that the girls love to play with! So, I cleaned all over and really only 20 minutes of it was while Vincent was awake.
Then, I got up mid-morning, and put the girls to work. We called it a pajama day too and they were all excited. Here’s some pictures of them working hard for the money, so hard for you, honey.
Elizabeth really likes to vacuum and she vacuumed the living room for me. (Notice her fuzzy head?)Olivia didn’t want to vacuum very bad, but did the family room anyway. She already had her dress up on on top of her pajamas though.
Vincent read books and made more mess while we cleaned up. He likes to follow us around and get in the way of the vacuum too.

The girls brought me the laundry baskets to sort and then I cleaned the floor in the kitchen, the bathroom floor, sink, toilet, and shower. Wow. Now, I’m tired again.


2 responses to “Clean up everybody, everywhere….

  1. Mary says:

    Did they sing “When we’re helping we’re happy”? They are good helpers when they want to be.

  2. such good helpers!!! jackson loves getting in the way of the vacuum. he thinks it’s funny! your kids are growing up so fast!

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