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Cake, so yummy

on January 27, 2009

I love cake!
I especially love when I get to eat it on the birthday of a family member with ice cream. Tonight we went over to a nephew’s birthday party. He was born two years ago. The cake his mom made was chocolate (the best kind) with sugar cone hair and licorice eyes and mouth. The character is “Brobie” from some cartoon my kids and I don’t have the pleasure of watching. The kids all love to play and run around together. It’s so nice to live close to most of our family and join in celebrations. We normally have cake every month and sometimes even more than that! Not good for diets, but very yummy!
Suzie with Archer getting ready for candles. She’s so cute!
Brobie, I guess.
The big kids sitting on the stools at the counter waiting to “help” Archer blow his candles out. Behind the kids is Grandma Ellen and new Grandpa Paul.
Here’s Andy “helping” the kids play nicely.

To burn some of that cake off, I rearranged my family room and went through toys. It’s so hard to get rid of toys when my kids still love to play with everything, so I’m just trying to put some of them away for a little while and take out some of the little, tiny things that Vincent likes so much. I wish I could switch more things around, but the shape of the rooms makes it hard. The family room is combined with the dining room table and chairs and has six other doors off of it. It’s hard to change it up much. The TV is permanent and so is the giant DVD shelf, so I turned the table and switched the couches.
Then, I rearranged the living room (a little). I really just switched one chair for a couch to (hopefully) make our tracks in a different stretch of carpet.
After I put Andy to bed, I made two pillows to join my new arrangement in the living room.
When I finished with those, Vincent woke up to hang out for a bit because he slept for four hours after we got home from the party.

Andy took a picture of Elizabeth on Sunday in her dress that I wore. You can’t see much of the dress through the boxes and I forgot to take another, so I’ll have to do that next time. The dress is one that I wore when I was little. My mom brought it over on Saturday night when she and my dad came to see us. She and Olivia kept themselves busy in the family room on Sunday morning with the boxes I emptied out sorting through their clothes Saturday night very late. (I had to find something and the clothes were all mixed up and I wanted to get rid of some that were stained, never fit my kids right, were already all shrunk up, or immodest. Finally, I purged them.) Anyway, the girls were making “parade floats” with the extra boxes. They got the tape out and everything and wanted paper too. We told them it was time to get ready, so they kind of forgot about that.


5 responses to “Cake, so yummy

  1. Yummy cake! Your kids are growing up so fast. Thanks for the Christmas card, we loved it. You are such a great mom! You do so many fun things with your kids.

  2. You are missing out by not watching Yo Gabba Gabba! Your whole family will love it. It’s one of our favorites. As the say on the show, try it, you’ll like it. I can send you some favorite episodes if you want.

  3. looks like you guys had an eventful weekend!!! i’ll see you this coming weekend if this snow doesn’t stick around.

  4. JK says:

    I love the dress of boxes she created. I’m sure your dress is considerably more elegant, but she gets points in my book for creativity. :)

  5. Sara Mason says:

    Im glad you took a picture of the cake I was sad we missed it but when you don’t have enough energy to shower than you should probably stay home. We will try and make it to your party on Saturday though. I am craving cake and ice cream. David bought me a milk shake today and it was so yummy… weird. well your chair looks good, why did you choose those colors? It’s pretty fabric But I thought your front room had different colors oh well it’s fun though. It’s fun to stay busy that’s for sure…sara

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