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Double Dash Bash

on February 1, 2009

Vincent is now one and Elizabeth is 2184 days old (ie: almost 6).
The party was so much fun. The cake was almost all eaten up, but there was no one who didn’t get enough. I only have three pieces left, which is perfect. I don’t need a whole cake sitting around here or it will all be eaten BY ME!

We had our party tonight with Andy’s family and mine and our game night buddy, Nathan.
Here are some pictures I took. Maybe someone else got some better ones too, but I have a lot of them.
Vincent’s train cake. I frosted it last night and Andy decorated it with some candy from the cupboard (lifesavers for the wheels, skittles for the second train, smarties for the first train to put Vincent’s initials on there, airheads for the windows, pez for the second train….) I just baked one cake mix in two bread pans. I tossed some Heath chips in there too to add a little flavor.
This is Elizabeth’s Pet Shop cake. She loved it. She took three tries to blow out the candles though.
Elizabeth (the party announcer) enjoying her ice cream cake before getting Kool-Aid for everyone and telling them that it was time for presents.
Vincent’s eyes were closed in this picture of him eating cake, but I love his chubby little hands all covered in cake and frosting. He wasn’t even dirty above his mouth!
Elizabeth made this cute surprised face after she opened each present. This one was from her cousin Colby and his family. My dad helped her with the presents while I took pictures and my mom recorded who and what for me. Andy’s mom held Vincent.
Andy helped Vincent with his gifts. This one is AWESOME! It is from Andy’s parent’s and it is all magnetic, sings songs, tells numbers and colors, and stacks. Plus, it’s a train, which we love. Just look at Andy’s face. You’ll see how much we love trains.
This is my sister’s son, Jackson. He climbed up on the coffee table before they left and looked too cute to not take a picture.

My mom also put a few pictures up on her blog of the party kids.
The kids are thoroughly and officially spoiled. Tomorrow is more cake in the evening with Andy’s nephew who will be six the day before Elizabeth and his sister who will be sixteen. Yea for CAKE!


2 responses to “Double Dash Bash

  1. We had fun! The cake was yummy too… I was just telling mom how good it was. Hope you have a good week!

  2. janaemadsen says:

    Happy birthdays! I can’t believe he is one already! I am impressed with the two cakes.

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