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All Partied Out…

on February 7, 2009

Here’s the kids from the party. We sent them outside for a few minutes to run around.
Olivia, Elise, Elizabeth, Kailee, Chris, Miaka, Skylar

Wow. Today we had FOUR parties to go to. I think we would be worn out if it wasn’t for all the sugar in our systems…
We started the day with Elizabeth’s birthday party from 10:30-12. Before that, the kids watched Shrek that we gave Elizabeth for her birthday last night. (We also went to McDonalds for the first time this year as a family last night. We will go out twice in February because this one was for Elizabeth’s birthday.)
While we waited for everyone to arrive, the kids colored pictures of pet shops that I found online and printed out. (Actually, Andy went to work a half hour before the party to print them because our printer’s out of ink.)
Then, we did cake. They had “Funfetti” cupcakes with chocolate frosting and Reese’s Maltballs with rings on the cupcakes.
With the rest of the cake mix, I made a smaller cake. I was going to make a pet shop doggy face, but it wouldn’t work, so I did the same kind of thing I did for the last party. I put clean toys on the top. The lighter tan is whipped topping mixed in with the regular frosting. We didn’t end up needing this for the party (I wasn’t sure how many moms would stay…) so we took it to party #2.
What did Vincent do during the party when he wasn’t mooching toys off of the kids? Playing with the streamers. Great entertainment for cheap, by the way. All the kids liked running through the streamers!
Elizabeth’s cousin, Chris, gave her this cool police helicopter Lego set. His mom said they tried to find a girl Lego set that wasn’t lame and couldn’t. I told her that Elizabeth likes boyish stuff.
Elizabeth’s favorite boy at school, Skylar, gave her this fun pet shop coloring pages, markers, and stickers set. She wanted to play with it IMMEDIATELY, but had to wait until her guests were gone.
Elise, one of her buddies from church, preschool, and school, gave her a few of these pet shop sets. This one is a puppy. (If you zoom in on the picture, you can see what else the puppy comes with…) She also got a third giraffe. Now we have twins and one that’s a slightly different color. Even better.
Skylar’s sister, Kailee, joined the party for the present opening and playing. She’s here with Elizabeth, Miaka, Olivia, and Elise.
Chris, Elizabeth, and Vincent playing with some of the pet shop toys. I always like to have friends have time to play. Elizabeth was sad after a few parties because all they did was the party and they didn’t play with toys. It was a fairly laid back party.
Vincent, Olivia, and Skylar playing with pet shops. Vincent was trying really hard to find some small pieces. I don’t think he actually swallowed any though. Time will tell.

We gave Elizabeth this pet shop house for her birthday last night. (Don’t tell her, but I bought it at a thrift store for $2.99. Actually, I don’t care if you tell her. It was a great deal. I just had to bring it home and clean it and most of the time they cost 40-50 bucks!)
Here are the Shrek movies we gave Elizabeth for her birthday. Nope, we didn’t have them yet. I found them for four bucks each. Nice. (Remember, I’m trying to save money this year. I’m not usually so cheap and that’s the problem. =)

From there, we went to Uncle Gary’s house for lunch with Andy’s aunts and uncles and cousins at 1pm. We hung out there until about 4 and then we were off to a birthday party for a friend of Elizabeth’s from ballet. We didn’t stay there long because Vincent was asleep in the car and Andy can only hang out in the car so long with him, so we were there for the belly dancer lessons (yes, for a six year old’s party-her mom is from Turkey. It was very interesting. Some of those kids can shake it. Olivia is one of them.) From there we drove around for a little while (Andy loves to drive around in the “country backroads” on our little adventures.) and then we went home for about an hour before going to the church for a “meet and greet the new families in our ward fun games and cookie party”. Phew. All done.

Now I cropped and cleaned up the pictures from Elizabeth’s party. The girls are in bed (even quiet now) and Vincent’s having a milk. Andy’s finishing up our taxes (YEA!) and I’m about ready to watch a movie and work on some cross-stitching. (I have such a debate in my head lately about whether to cross-stitch, craft other things to sell, or to read. I want to do it all, but don’t have time (see above schedule!) to do everything. Or maybe I do. I don’t know.


One response to “All Partied Out…

  1. Mary says:

    And I thought your father was busy. I got tired just reading all of it. Glad you found some bargains. She got royally spoiled. How do make next year bigger and better?

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