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American Idol-My thoughts

on March 26, 2009

Front: Kris, Megan, Lil, Danny, Back: Michael, Scott, Allison, Adam, Anoop, Matt

Adam Lambert-I think he’s a good singer, but I really don’t like the screeching that he does when he sings. The judges always love him even when I need to fast forward (even though I don’t, hoping it will get better). I don’t get it. Also, I think his hair is gross, but he’s better than the headband guy, Nathaniel. Yuck!

Allison Iraheta-I like how she sings. I love the deep sound in her voice. I don’t like the songs she picks all the time, but at least she sings them well. It’s also a big pet peeve of mine when people dye their hair “red”. It just bugs me.

Anoop Desai-Good voice. He doesn’t take many risks. I don’t think he can win.

Danny Gokey-He’s my favorite. He has personality. He looks and acts like a normal guy. He is an amazing singer. He doesn’t take risks much either, but he is great anyway. I don’t get why the judges were a little mean to him last night, while they though Adam was fabulous because he slowed a song down. I don’t get it at all.

Kris Allen-I get him and Matt mixed up. Even though I like his voice, he is too quiet and I don’t think he can win.

Lil Rounds-The best girl in the competition. The only girl I like still here. Her voice is powerful. She has three kids. Great!

Matt Giraud-He is annoying to me. His voice is good, I guess. He won’t win.

Megan Joy-She is the most annoying contestant. Her weird little washing machine moves bugs me! I don’t like the funny fluctuations that she does with her voice. I didn’t like her in auditions and I still don’t like her. I think if they didn’t pick her, we’d still be making fun of her like William Hung.

Michael Sarver-I like him. He seems fun. He probably will make a country or gospel record. He won’t win. He may be kicked off tonight, although I think it’d be great if Megan, Kris, or Matt were.

Scott MacIntyre-He is a great musician. He plays the piano beautifully and when that accompanies his voice, it’s great. I don’t think he actually sings as well without the piano (hence his crutch). He is one of my favorites though.

What do you think of this season?
Who is your favorite?
Are you even still watching Season 8?
Did you ever watch?

8 responses to “American Idol-My thoughts

  1. Kelsey says:

    Hmm I have to disagree a little bit with you. I like Matt I think his voice is really good. I don’t care for Michael’s or Scott’s voices. Michael as a person is great but i don’t care for him as a singer or Scott for that matter. I totally agree with you about Meagan though! I can’t believe Simon hasn’t made fun of her little booty shake dancing! I guess he’s trying to be nice this season. They finally saw that she can’t sing! I don’t know who will win but really I don’t care. I just watch for entertainment not to vote.

  2. OK, here’s what I think (and OF COURSE I watch – I am an addict.)Matt G – Great – I think he should be top 3Kris A- looks like a cartoon monkey. Doesn’t stand out to me – except for the monkey thing.Scott M – I do not love him. Everything sounds exactly the same. Boooooring. I think he should have left last week.Megan J – I loved her audition in SLC. LOVED. Really. Last night was just crazy and not good. Adios.Anoop – Eh. He’s a good singer. I’m glad he got his hair cut. Other than that I’m not that excited about him.Michael S – He’s OK. Not great. People want him to do well because he seems like a nice guy. Nice guys don’t sell albums.Lil R – I do not recognize her with that hair. She looks even better! Last night was good, but not fantastic like when she did Mary J. She’ll be one of the last to go.Adam L – I think he’s great. I always look forward to his performances. They’re always interesting and he nails them. I hated that hair last night – too Elvisy.Danny G – Kind of manic. People keep saying he’s going to win. I don’t think he’s that exciting. Allison I – Wow! I think she is amazing. She is the best singer but I don’t know if that’s good enough to help her win.

  3. Diane Aland says:

    MEGAN JOY NEEDS TO GO HOME! It bugs us SO bad when she does her little dance moves shaking her hips. It is so ugly and she does it EVERYTIME! We always wait for it now!I And I can’t tell if her voice can actually sound normal or if she likes sounding like a goat like that. Anoop, Danny and Allison are my top 3. All the others just don’t have the personality, and Adam has TOO much! I want allison to go all the way..Any sixteen year old who can sing that good deserves to win! I don’t know why I watch this crap, I get too into it everytime!

  4. Jenks Jive says:

    I think Adam has great talent, I just don’t like his kind of music all that well.Allison has an amazing and strong voice, especially for a 16 year old. She looks so comfortable.Anoop is good. I think he’s kind of fun.Danny is awesome! My personal favorite.Kris is annoying and already conceited. What was Simon talking about?Lil is a powerful singer although I don’t always enjoy her songs. Maybe a little inconsistent?I don’t really care for Matt but Joe likes him. He annoys me for some reason.Megan! Aaaah! Please spare us. I am really hoping she will be the one to go. If I have to see that bizarre little shake twist thing I might go crazy. Michael seems so nice an real but I haven’t been impressed the last two weeks.Scott is kind of boring. Great piano player but last nights performance was lacking.

  5. emily johns says:

    Maybe I should start watching, Danny Gokey is from Milwaukee….

  6. janaemadsen says:

    I haven’t watched a lot of American idol but I swear what the judges are hearing is not usually what I am hearing.

  7. Matt, Anupe, Allison and Lil are my favorites. I think Allison or Lil will win. While I like the others, I do not really really like them. I think Adam might have the most vocal ability/talent. Mike likes Danny, but he annoys me. I like megan, she looks awkward or unsure of her dancing, but not annoying. I think that she is interesting and when she sings well, she sings really really well. Her audition is the one I remember the most. I detested her last couple of performances though. I think all of these guys should sing professionally. I think they are all good in their own way.

  8. Ryan and I totally agree with you about Megan. She should have been voted off a long time ago. Hopefully she doesn’t last more than week or two…

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