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on April 2, 2009

Today, the kids and I went down to Hermiston (about 45 minutes away) to see my cousin, Danette, who cuts our hair. It’s good to visit and catch up with her.
We either get super cheesy, not their real smiles, or looking straight toward something else making a silly face. Elizabeth told my cousin to make her hair straight and Olivia’s curly to be opposites. She did it like that the last time too. Vincent did not require a haircut at this time, because of his haircut a few weeks ago.

Before we got our haircuts, we stopped and had lunch (THANKS!) with my cousin’s wife, Kari. She was so sweet. The girls played dress up with her little girl and so, of course, they had a fabulous time. Their little boy who is ten days older than Vincent was sleeping already. It was really nice to see them. We have been able to get to know each other better through these awesome things that are blogs, but haven’t been able to hang out much. She is GREAT! And I totally forgot to take pictures of the girls dancing around in the dress up after their faces were clean, so sorry, no before pictures of the girls’ hair.
We aren’t really doing any super big things for Spring Break, especially since it’s been raining all week. We are actually ending up waking up earlier to babysit friends and do playdates. That’s really all Elizabeth and Olivia want to do anyway is play. They love playing. Everytime we leave or their friends leave, she immediately asks when she can play again. Silly girl. It’s like she thinks everyone can just be called and be able to play as soon as she wants to play.


7 responses to “Haircuts

  1. Mary says:

    Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing…This rain has made the week seem extra long. We also had hail and snow! Funny Spring weather.

  2. C.Family says:

    Cute hair! I love their spunky poses for the camera.

  3. Look at all the gorgeous hair…I’m jealous. What beautiful girls!!!!

  4. JK says:

    Kaitlyn wanted to tell Vincent Hi (she likes the video of him walking) I like how the girls hair cuts turned out. That’s cool she switches the straight and curly styles. We had so much fun with you guys, thanks for coming! Kaitlyn saw I was blogging and asked to see pictures of your kids (she remembered all three names!) Now she wants to go visit you guys. We’ll see…

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