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Picture Taking Adventure

on April 10, 2009

I really “love” going to the picture studio to arrange (in professional magazines, they call it wrangling for a reason) my kids into the poses that the photographers feel they have to change before they even get a good picture.
Maybe some of that trouble was that Vincent was crawling out of each picture to get something shiny on the floor or that he was mad most of the time.
Maybe some of the annoyance of picture-taking was that the girls kept looking at Vincent or the floor or just making silly faces.
But, really, when they show you the pictures and there is at least one that looks decent, all of that other stuff is priceless. From the picture, you can’t tell that Vincent was upset or that Elizabeth and Olivia made wacky faces in most of the pictures.
But, the upside is that I was able to finish up my saver card at Picture People (they even let me use three things since it expired this week) and a coupon online for a free sheet and 20 percent off, so for 4 sheets (1-8×10, 2-5×7, 16-wallets), I paid: $4.77 and I had enough of all the pictures for the kids’ grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles, and enough for each of their little wallet picture books (I save one wallet of each professional picture for each kid so they have a collection of how they change and since it’s just in wallet size, it’s not a big deal).
Here’s some of the outtakes, with the one we actually picked at the very end (just to keep you reading).
Yummy hands, Vincent! See how Elizabeth is holding him? She’s trying to keep him there for the picture. Olivia looks really good in this one.
I liked this one, but Vincent isn’t smiling enough. (or at all!)

I liked this one. It shows the chubby hands. Elizabeth’s eyes crack me up and Vincent is in shadows.
This one is vertical (the picture will hang horizontal on my wall-which I told her when we started) and Vincent is doing a funny hand thing.
This one is good. I like the difference in their heights, but again, vertical instead of horizontal.
And finally, this one. They are all looking toward the camera and smiling (mostly). There weren’t too many shadows. I think they lightened it up a little for my copies, so Olivia wasn’t so shadowy. I just wish I could see a little more of their outfits, but this one was a keeper for me.

Oh, and mom, if you want your pictures, you’re going to have to come and see me.


7 responses to “Picture Taking Adventure

  1. Mary says:

    Promises, promises or is that a threat…! I see you more than Janessa does. The pictures look good. Not bad, I had 6 to wrangle…

  2. Diane Aland says:

    Cute! I’ve never been to picture people. All 3 of your kiddos look so different, its so cute! So many varieties in the gene pool I guess!

  3. Alissa says:

    LOVE IT! Very cute!

  4. I love the last three pictures! Your kids are so cute!

  5. 7 pictures? That’s all??? They’re supposed to do 15! haha They turned out very cute though!!! I can’t wait to get one!!! :) Next time, you should take me so you can get my discount silly!! You would’ve only paid like 2 dollars!!

  6. The Stevens: says:

    Very cute pictures, I love the poses:) Most are kid friendly:)

  7. Jenks Jive says:

    Aah, yes. Having your children’s pictures taken is such an adventure. Or torture, depends on how you look at it. Your kids make great faces! So, cute.

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