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A Hunting We Will Go

on April 11, 2009

We had our annual Easter egg hunt for the kids at church this morning.
They all had a great time. Our friend, Nathan, came to join us and helped with the kids too. It’s always nice to have an extra set of hands to help.
Vincent knew there were treats inside too because he “helped” me fill them last night.
I could hardly even get a picture with him looking because he was so interested in the eggs!
Andy walked around with Vincent trying to help him get some yummy eggs.
Vincent studying his egg and trying to figure out if he can eat the things in it.
Olivia’s eggs. Plus, a silly face.Elizabeth showing me her eggs.
Andy likes the pink jelly beans. He says they taste like Pepto Bismol. Olivia found one for him. Elizabeth looks pretty excited in the background too.
Here the kids are examining their treats. Vincent is just taking a break from looking to eat a jelly bean.

After we got home and now that the candy is mostly gone, Vincent is sleeping, and the girls and I colored Easter eggs.
Dying the eggs. I had some things leftover from last year. It works really well to put the cups in a muffin tins and then if some leaks over, it goes in the muffin tin. It’s harder for the cups to tip too. We only had one egg holder thing, so it wasn’t total chaos. =)
Elizabeth is trying her egg out in green. It may have had a color added to it after the initial dip.
Oh, aprons are great for kids! I wore mine too.
Here’s our final pie plate of eggs drying. Guess which one is mine. Yeah, not too hard to guess. I don’t know why my picture quality is so bad sometimes, but there they are.


2 responses to “A Hunting We Will Go

  1. Cali says:

    It looks like you had beautiful weather for your easter egg hunt! I hope it comes this way… (its’ been raining all day.)

  2. Qupid says:

    Your blog looks beautiful, Nadell!

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