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Our Busy Kids

on May 15, 2009

On Monday, I bought Vincent a boyish looking phone at the checkout stand at WalMart, so he’d quit carrying around the pink and purple phones the girls’ had. His is Mickey Mouse. That’s about the best we could do. The other options were Tinkerbell and Princesses, so Mickey Mouse it was.
He’s been busy playing with it all week. What a great investment! He even shared it at ballet (ballet for Elizabeth, not Vincent) with another little boy. Vincent is a sneaky little guy who likes to pull on wires, open cupboards, throw his toys in the garbage, and push buttons (especially ones on our answering machine next to the computer). Really, he is sneaky. Just look at his side-glance in the picture above! Oh, and yes, the pacifier will go pretty soon, in case you are wondering.
Elizabeth enjoys it too. Vincent shared with her…sometimes.

Vincent “sharing” his phone and Elizabeth talks about her day at school. (This was a different day than the Mother’s Day Tea below, but her outfit was clean and she wanted to wear it again.)

Vincent saying hello on the phone.
Elizabeth’s class had a special “Mother’s Day Tea” last Friday before Mother’s Day. They have been learning about ladybugs, so they all had antenna and wings on during the party. Elizabeth showed me her bug jar full of things they made in class with ladybugs and learning about their life cycle, counting, etc. She also made me a clay ladybug that she painted. So cute! The kids sang songs to us and we had a little snack of Keebler “Bugs” (graham crackers) and grapes (aphids) with orange juice (bug juice).
Here’s my little ladybug. I should have taken another picture!
Olivia too-she has been a little sick this week, but she likes to just sit and watch movies or watercolor or read books. Sometimes, movies and books or movies and watercolor together.
She was really only sick a couple of times, but to be cautious, we had to stay home.
Both girls were sick (threw up) last night, so today we’re hanging out at home all day. They are acting fine this morning though. I wish we could still do the fun things on our schedule. Sad.
There will be more fun things to do on Saturday and next week, assuming Vincent and I don’t catch anything!


8 responses to “Our Busy Kids

  1. C.Family says:

    Hope you feel better soon! Sick kids are the worst. All your kids are growing up so much!

  2. Jackson enjoyed the videos of the kids!!! Kori’s right, they’re all growing up a lot!! Time flies!!

  3. Mary says:

    Sorry Olivia is still sickly. Cute picture and videos of Vincent and Elizabeth. Yes, you are busy…

  4. Alissa says:

    Yep, we love the play phones around here, too. Nice that you got him a manly one…or, at least more manly than Tinkerbell! Hope everyone is well soon!

  5. Hope your cute girls are feeling better soon. The video of Vincent is darling…he’s smart!

  6. P.S. Elizabeth is growing up so much, she’s beautiful! It was fun hearing her talk…she’s a little lady. :)

  7. Jenks Jive says:

    Don’t you love it when you find a toy that keeps their attention for so long!

  8. […] day Friday morning. I’ve decided that it’s just as cute with a boy as it was with Elizabeth and Olivia. The kids all sang and danced for us with fun ladybug songs and had these adorable […]

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