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Boat Ride

on May 23, 2009

Today after grocery shopping, I was doing my (way too much) check of things online and saw a friend from church asking if anyone wanted to go with them on their boat this afternoon, so I responded with, “Really? How about me and three tiny kids? When are you going?”
She wrote back, “Right now, call me!” So I did. And then we left, right then. I woke Vincent up and the girls changed into their swim suits (even though I didn’t think they really needed to) and off we went.
We rode from Columbia Point Marina all the way over to Pasco’s train bridge. There was a train on the bridge too!
Andy was helping his mom and dad building their house in the mountains, so we were by ourselves today. I was trying to think of something fun to do. Hey, it should be a headline that a mom and her three kids did something spontaneous!
Olivia and Elizabeth checking out the boat. I took a jacket off the dock by where they were putting the boat in by accident. That is the one Elizabeth is wearing. We returned it to the dock after we got back. Oops. I borrowed Olivia’s from our neighbor (sunscreen too, since Andy took ours to the mountain.)
Hugs before the big boys went on the tube.Watching the tube blow up, or avoiding that sibling picture shot I was trying for.
Elizabeth was all ready to go! She was super excited after watching two bigger boys tube, even after they fell out. Elizabeth is one silly girl. Lehi went with her both times. What a nice kid. After the second time, he laid down on the bench and Elizabeth laid across the aisle on her side of the bench. She was loving it! They didn’t go very fast, but to a six-year-old, 15 MPH is pretty fast. They were on there probably about ten minutes each time (maybe more).
This is how Olivia sat for most of the ride. She kept telling me to hold on to the handles so I wouldn’t fall out.
Vincent loved the boat. No, he’s not wearing a life vest. They only had big kids and I borrowed the one for Olivia. He didn’t jump in though. I’m sure he wanted to.
We went under the Cable Bridge and past that train bridge in the background. I don’t think the train was quite in this picture yet. Elizabeth is getting better at posing.Vincent waving bye to the other boaters, I think.


8 responses to “Boat Ride

  1. Mary says:

    See, It’s good you didn’t go with us. What we did was way boring! taking flowers to the cemetary and a funeral. Not fun for kids at all.

  2. HOW FUN!!! The kids look like they had a great time!!! How brave of Elizabeth to go on the tube without you or Andy. :)

  3. Kelsey says:

    Way to be spontaneous! Love the picture of Elizabeth under the bridge. She IS getting good and posing. :)

  4. JK says:

    Wow that looks like a lot of fun! All your kids look like they had a blast! Its nice just to go enjoy yourself once in while instead of using every spare minute to work. :P Looks like Vincenet had a blast with his watermelon and the dirt on Monday. I think little boys just gravitate to it or something. Jared was seriously caked after a day outside for us. I just about rinsed him off with the hose before letting him in my house. :P I am a bum I do keep coming to tri-cities and not stopping by. How about if you email me directions so I know where to go then I can just call and say we’re coming and I can’t talk myself out of it by saying “I don’t know where they live” and talk myself out of it. This last one was a quicky because J needed something ASAP but hopefully next time? Thanks for looking at my story again. You are so great NaDell! Talk to you soon okay? love Kari P.S. I posted yours and Trish’s gifts back in April but I think I”m going to repost them because I doubt anyone saw them! Ah!:)

  5. Sara Mason says:

    were Olivia’s arms tired after holding on like that? It almost looks unnatural. I guess a boat moving fast is a bit scary when you have never been on one!

  6. NaDell says:

    Olivia, Vincent, and I did go on a boat ride last fall. We went to a quilter day and they were finishing up and asked who wanted to go on the boat with them. Elizabeth was at school (she had just started) and so off we went. Olivia’s arms weren’t tired, but they really did look strange. Weird shoulders or something. She didn’t even act that scared. She just thought she needed to hang on tight. Silly kids.

  7. Jenks Jive says:

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  8. Arin says:

    I am so jealous of the fun boating activity!!! Olivia=what a funny girl about the handles..lol

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