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Partied out (not really)

on June 9, 2009

Saturday was a super busy day of parties. We actually started with helping to clean the church. Then, we dropped Andy off at home so he could do yard work and the kids and I went to get the tires rotated. While we were there, I saw someone I recognized from my hometown and found out that he was and that he recently came back to Tri-Cities. He was friends with my dad, so I gave him my dad’s number. It’s so fun to run into people I know everywhere I go.
After the tires were rotated, we had an hour or so to get ready for the day (for real) and then we were off to Elizabeth’s friend’s birthday party. It was fun. I took a lot of pictures and put them on a CD for her so she could do other things. Olivia and I both went with Elizabeth and had a great time.

The birthday party had giant bubbles. I think they used liquid dish soap in a huge bucket with water and the wands were dowels with rope knotted on them a foot apart or so. They made the coolest, huge bubbles! Birthday boy, Xander, with his Batman cake.

Olivia trying out the bubbles.Elizabeth with Xander and his superhero puzzle.They even had a bounce house! Such a fun party. They had cake and pizza too!

We had to leave that party a little early to go to a graduation fiesta for Andy’s cousin, Jared, who graduated later that night. It was delicious! It was fun to see family in town for the graduation. (We didn’t go to the graduation because we are through with graduations after a certain Walla Walla three hour graduation while I was pregnant with Olivia:)
After that party, we went to an open house for a lady who lived in our ward when we moved in, married, and has now adopted two little girls from China. This party was for her second daughter. They are so cute. She is such a great mom.
Finally, after this party, we went home and relaxed. I relaxed so much that I took a long nap. It was so nice. I woke up in time to help the kids get to bed and relax some more.
Sunday was nice too. Church was great. It was a very spiritual meeting with a lot of different testimonies being born and many things to ponder. After church, we went to dinner at Andy’s parent’s house. We were the only company Sunday, which hardly ever happens. We missed Andy’s sisters and their families. We did have a nice visit though.

On Monday, right before we left to drop Elizabeth off at school, an old classmate of mine called to say that she was in town with her two little boys and they were going to play and picnic in the park at 12:30, so we dropped Elizabeth off at school and drove over there to visit and play and eat.
Olivia and Vincent on deck.Olivia posing on the walkway to the big slide. I took a picture of her running and just before I took another, she posed like this.Olivia with the giant fish.This is my friend, Rayleen, and her two little boys, Kevin and Spencer.
Olivia and Vincent went for a ride on the swing by the river.

We were able to visit for an hour or so before it was time for me to go and help in Elizabeth’s class. I had to take Olivia and Vincent to my friend’s house so she could watch them while I helped. It ended up being the end of school assembly during part of the time I was there, so I got to watch the teacher’s play on the marimbas. They did great. It was fun to watch the kids be so excited to see their teacher up there playing. It was a big surprise. The teachers had been practicing before and after school. Our school is so much fun! I love hanging out there. Good thing, since I have a few more decades of helping at the schools in our town…

Elizabeth’s teacher is the lady with long brown hair and the flowered shirt towards the back.
I think I should have been an elementary school librarian. At Elizabeth’s school, the librarian is like a rock star!

Vincent has started to be a climber. He can get down somehow though. I decided to take a video of him today to see how he does it exactly. He loves to play up there and doesn’t fall (very much). He doesn’t get hurt anyway. Here’s how he did it today (Tuesday).

I should apologize for the gum chewing in the background. Sorry. Oh, and the smudges all over the mirror in the back. Those are Vincent’s grubby little paw prints.


2 responses to “Partied out (not really)

  1. Mary says:

    Cool Bubble makers. Can we do those at the Cabin In August??? I have leftover bubbles from Easter. Glad you had lots of fun last week-end.

  2. fun… I love parties! Vincent looks a little like Jackson in the video. He's growing up!

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