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Smart Car?

on June 10, 2009

Last Sunday, Andy and I were talking about Smart Cars
after seeing a teeny tiny Smart Car Scooter. At the next intersection, Elizabeth pointed at something and told us it was a Smart Car.
It was really an old riding lawnmower. I see how she was confused. Don’t you?


3 responses to “Smart Car?

  1. Alissa says:

    Hilarious! I think the riding lawn mower is probably more fun and safe than a smart car, anyway!Are smart cars really light? I can't see how they would get that one out of its parking space without just lifting the thing out….

  2. Haha…that is great. Yet soooo true. Like Alyssa said it is probably safer. Tell Elizabeth Aunt Christen thinks she is wise beyond her years.

  3. HI NaDell! I didn't know those things were called smart cars, I wondered, we see tons of them around here! We are leaving in august to come back, we should be home around the 3rd week in august. I just found out post card stamps went up, oops! sorry if your postcard had postage due on it! :)

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