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My "Surprise" Party

on June 14, 2009

We went over to Andy’s parent’s house, like we normally do on Sunday evenings, for dinner and we were getting everything all ready to eat when his sister, Sara, asked if they were having cake for Sami’s birthday too. Shirley said no, and so I asked if they were doing cake for me. I guess that spoiled the surprise. Oops. I had already noticed the cake in the corner underneath a towel anyway. I checked it to see if it was rolls that needed to go in the oven…… I already knew.
I blew out all 27 candles and I even remembered to make a wish! Shh, it’s a secret!
Elizabeth took all these pictures of the party.
Archer, Dylan, and Olivia ready for cake.
This is a dress that my mom made for me when I was Elizabeth’s size. She likes how “the ruffles at the bottom look like waves” when she spins.
Olivia and Elizabeth were all dressed up and ready to go to church in time to take a few pictures.
Vincent was one sad kid today. Really sad. =(

It was a fun day mostly though. I went to church. The kids did pretty well in the row, even with just me. Andy gave a talk in church today on honoring your father and your mother. He did a great job and told several scripture stories and then related them to our lives. I talked about camp arrangements for traveling (the “mostly” fun part) and helped with Vincent in the nursery for part of the time. Then I went to the woman’s Relief Society class and was able to sit by my best friend neighbor, Ally, and her daughter, who have decided to come to church and learn more with her husband who is a member of the church. His parents are in our ward. It was a really great and spiritual meeting. Ally is Keone’s mom. Keone and Elizabeth play almost every day, and Ally and I could (and do) talk for hours.
After I got home from church, I figured out more camp transportation and then went to dinner in Kennewick. After we got back from dinner, I finalized camp transportation (by making a bunch of phone calls) and emailed it out to the people who need it. I am not going to camp, but I was able to be the camp coordinator and collect our ward’s camp forms and money and turn it all in. I’m also in charge of transportation. Kind of a big job, but definately better than a lot of other jobs to get ready for camp. Nearing the end of it.
I’m excited to see what this week holds and hope there are more surprises to come. There had better be, or I’ll be a little sad. =(


3 responses to “My "Surprise" Party

  1. Chief Momma says:

    Happy Birthday NaDell…time flies, can you believe we are 27?????

  2. April says:

    Hopefully Andy is aware and preparing surprises:) I threw Scott a surprise 30th birthday party years ago. I've been trying to "wink wink, nudge nudge" him that I expect something nice for my 30th birthday!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We are totally still young. Love ya!

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