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Almost surprised!

on June 16, 2009

Today is my 27th birthday! It was great! I had a lot of fun today. I had several phone calls, a lot of facebook comments, a bunch of emails, two mailman delivered cards, more than two personally delivered cards, a few visitors, roses, slippers, a DVD, and a date with my husband!
My day-NOT in a nutshell.
I woke up when the kids got up at 7:30 (now that it’s summer, they have all forgotten how to sleep in) and then got them all situated and went back to bed. I woke up for real about 9am and took some nice phone calls in and then I got ready for the day and gathered all the things I needed to do while I was out for swimming lessons. Camp form (last one! Yippee!), bag of library books we read, snack for Vincent at the swimming pool (which doesn’t even work, he wants to walk around-Thanks, Torrie!), towels for after swimming lessons, and outfits for the girls to change into. A little bit of work to do all that. Elizabeth actually got all the books that we read, so I didn’t have to sort them out, I only had to put them in the bag and then tote the heavy bag to the car.
In the morning Andy’s sister, Sara, called to make sure that I could still babysit her daughter, Sami, this afternoon while she went to teach a piano lesson and asked if anybody was taking me to lunch. I hadn’t been invited by anyone for lunch, so she asked where I’d like to go with her. I picked Arby’s because I love their market fresh sandwiches and curly fries. Yum! Then, Andy’s other sister, Torrie, called to see if she could come to see me at swimming lessons because she couldn’t come to lunch with Sara and I. I guessed that Sara had invited everybody from Andy’s side then. But, I was almost surprised. I didn’t know WHO was coming at least and I didn’t say anything about it until it was over. Andy’s third local sister, Suzie, came with her two sons and Andy’s parents and cousin, Sami. Andy had to work and couldn’t get away, so we missed him. I’m glad I have people around me who love me and want me to be happy and taken care of.

So, I took some more pictures at swimming lessons of Elizabeth and her friends who are taking classes at the same time.Olivia in her swimsuit with her cute skirt on top. She loves that skirt and wears it as often as it is clean. It’s her swimsuit cover up for the week that she takes off when we get there.
After swimming lessons, I went with Sara to the library to return the books and check out more.
Then it was time to eat, so we drove over to Arby’s and saw the fun group there. I didn’t take any pictures, but I thought about it.
I took Sami (the younger) home with me to babysit her and she played with my girls while Vincent napped.
My little sister, Janessa, came over to see me on her way home to Vancouver. She wasn’t going to come to our town, just Walla Walla, but she came up mostly for me because I couldn’t make it over there again. It was great to visit with her for a while and see how her Jackson has changed. We determined that Vincent is about the same height as Jackson (he was taller with shoes on) and that Jackson pushes OR tickles Vincent when he gets close. One of those.
Jackson with Olivia and Vincent looking out the window (probably spying on our neighbors).
Vincent with Jackson.
Vincent eating a hot wheels car and causing havoc.
Me with Elizabeth before she took my camera again.
The nicest picture of our group that Elizabeth took. Bad angle!
Sara came and picked up Sami and visited with Janessa and I for a while and then went to run other errands. Janessa left to drive home.My kids under our tree watching Janessa and Jackson go home.

I caught up on my emails again and made and appointment for my new window in the van (Thursday morning!) There was a little lull in the afternoon with almost silence. The kids watched a movie they borrowed from the library and had some snacks.
Andy came home early at 5pm and we hung out until it was time to go out to dinner. The babysitter came over and we left. We were going to go to Red Robin because we have a gift card to use, but when we got there there was no where to park, so I told Andy that I didn’t really want to go there anyway. I wanted to go to Olive Garden. I love it there and that’s where our wedding dinner was. So, we went there and had delicious food and fast service (faster than ever-there was no wait to sit down even!) When we were done we went to Sears to buy new jeans (Happy Anniversary!) for Andy (they are having a great deal-buy $50 of pants or jeans and get a Sears rebate card that is $50 to spend anywhere in the store.) Andy needed jeans and found two pairs of his very favorite kind (can’t find them everywhere) and bought them. I think I will use the rebate card to super shop clearance there. Then we went to Best Buy (we saw and talked to your dad, Monica!) to look for something and then off to WalMart for some groceries. Fun stuff, right? Well, we needed midweek groceries. Came home, put the kids to bed, and just hanging out until bed time. Vincent turned off the computer….. Vincent changed my answering machine to Spanish and I can’t change it back…..Vincent spilled cereal on the kitchen floor for the babysitter….. Still a good day and call us (but not too early), our answering machine is funny apparently.


4 responses to “Almost surprised!

  1. Mary says:

    I hope one of the cards was from Dad and I. I didn't get a chance to call,I did try to get KORD to say your name right and win you a b-day Cake since I couldn't do it for you this year. Glad you had a fun Day!

  2. I'm glad you had a good birthday!!! I enjoyed stopping by. I should call and listen to your answering machine, but you'll probably answer, haha.

  3. Monica says:

    Yay! Happy b-day (a little late). So funny you saw my dad! Can't wait to see you next week :)

  4. Alissa says:

    Sounds like a great birthday! Isn't it nice to be spoiled like that? Hope the next year is spectacular for you!

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