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Great Week!

on June 20, 2009

This week was so nice. Shoot. I was going to put the pictures from the rest of the week on here, but I went to load them and I have to recharge my battery first. Only nine would transfer before the battery died. Oops.) I’m in the mood to blog though. I’ll add pictures later. Come back to check. And they are added now, so no one probably was even up and checked this when there were no pictures….

Now, I have to remember what we did without pictures. Great. (Don’t worry, I’ll still ramble on and on.)
Wednesday we went to swimming lessons and the library to pick up the prizes for finishing part of the summer reading program and then Elizabeth was picked up to play at one of her swimming lesson buddy’s house for a while. While she was gone, I made dinner for a family in our ward while Olivia watched a show and Vincent napped. I made cheesy manicotti noodles with spaghetti sauce, chicken with spaghetti sauce, French bread, cherry/lime jello with pears, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. We had leftovers from Olive Garden with our French bread, jello, and cookies. I took a nap after Andy got home because I had a headache and backache. It was nice. I woke up in time for game night and played some games.The lighting was bad in all the pictures I took from the side you could actually see Vincent.

Thursday we all got up and ready early and went to Kennewick to get the window fixed in the van. YEA! Too bad it wasn’t the right window when we got there. Boo! Anyway, so the boss there ordered the right one (he actually ordered the right one the first time, but the place in Tacoma sent the wrong one) and said it would be ready Monday morning. YEA! So, we had some time to spend before swimming lessons and decided to stop by Ransom’s in Kennewick. It was Sami’s (Sara’s daughter) second birthday. Shirley was gone grocery shopping when we got there, but the girls made themselves at home and picked all her raspberries (and ate them too). Vincent played with Scooter. He actually does pretty well with him and likes to pet him. Scooter seems to like him too. I chatted with Andy’s cousin Sami and her mom and brother before they all started working on their job hunts. Shirley came home after Elizabeth called her and the kids played with her for a little while before it was time to go to swimming lessons. Olivia’s class got to go in the big pool because the little pool was cold (I guess, from some more history from another mom whose kids take evening classes, Wednesday night some kids went in the baby pool and they had to clean it all out-like major went.) So, anyway, Olivia was able to dink around in the big pool with a life jacket, but spent almost the whole class hanging on to the edge instead of playing games. I’m pretty sure she’s all set to hang out in minnows again next session. =)
Oh, Vincent slept through the whole swimming lesson. I moved him to his stroller and everything and he didn’t even wake up. It was so much easier. An older girl from our ward whose sister takes lessons, helped play with him on Wednesday, so that day wasn’t bad either. If he has a stick or rock, he’s happy, mostly.
Olivia was pretty good at picking the purple raspberries.
Elizabeth hunting for raspberries. Notice that she’s wearing a skirt, but also a superman armband.
Vincent went for a ride in Grandma Shirley’s swing. He loved it.
The teacher managed to pry Olivia off the wall for a little while. Here she is all by herself too.

Elizabeth had just come out of the water after doing a “bob” for this picture. She’s trying hard in her swimming lessons.

After swimming lessons, we played at home and across the street. I cleaned while the kids played. I don’t remember the rest. I guess it wasn’t much. Or maybe it was so great, I blocked it out or something. Oh, Andy went to his parent’s house while I read to the girls and then Vincent and I watched “Benjamin Buttons”. Very odd.
Friday, we got up and ready for swimming lessons early and had enough time to go to the library (again!) for the books I had on hold for our book group at church (Lynn Austin’s The Refiner’s Fire series-The first one was great!) and then rushed over to the book store to use the kids’ book coupons from the reading program. They picked some books (and so did Vincent and I) and we hurried over to swimming lessons. Friday was “safety day”. They just sat outside the pool and talked about safety. Elizabeth didn’t get wet at all. Olivia’s class went in for the last four minutes. Vincent threw a huge fit because he saw another kid with a Ritz cracker. I wouldn’t let him mooch one off the other mom, so he cried for the last few minutes of the lesson and ALL the way to the car on the other side of the parking lot. He is stubborn. Don’t worry, I fed him when we got home. For the afternoon, we hung around, played, Vincent napped, crafts, dinner making, phone calls, etc. After Andy got home, we went to Lowe’s so he could get more things to work on his DVD shelves he’s making and I ran into my cousin, Lisa, and her daughter, Raquel. Their men-folk were on their father son campout. We walked with them around while Andy picked out the things he needed without the girls driving him crazy. It was fun to run into them. Funny too. Andy stained the wood while I read to the kids and then I went to the grocery store for some essentials for the beginning of next week. I hate going on Saturday. It’s always so busy. Vincent went with me.

Now, we are getting all stoked for our parties Saturday afternoon and evening. Gotta make cookies in the morning for the parties and I really need to weed the garden again. I think I’ll try to get up early to do it. We’ll see. Obviously, I can’t weed in the evening. The mosquitoes like me to much. I am very likeable, you know. =)


One response to “Great Week!

  1. If only I lived closer.. I would totally go to see The Proposal with you!! Bummer!!

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