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Our Dads…

on June 20, 2009

Happy Father’s Day! I hope you are all remembering your special dad and those other dads who you know too! I think I have the best dad and extended dads. I also have pretty great brothers who are dads and brother in laws who are (almost-one isn’t a dad yet) all wonderful dads too.

I wanted to do a post on my dad, Andy’s dad, and my grandpa and my wonderful husband too.
My dad, Paul, is the best. He is so willing to help with anything that anyone is doing. He will go up and introduce himself to complete strangers and find something in common with them (and a lot of times people in common too). He loves his kids and grandkids and likes to take the grandkids on walks. His favorite hobbies are genealogy and reading good books (at least before he was made the Bishop of his ward. Now he doesn’t have as much time for the genealogy.) He makes his own delicious strawberry jam and even shares it with us. My dad is a great example to me of a follower of Christ. Ask anyone who knows him.My husband, Andy, is great. He is fun loving and humorous. He enjoys playing (wrestling they call it). He loves to drive, read, plan trips, make me surprised, make me happy (and he’s good at that), and he take great care of us. He is willing to help, if needed, and is nice to everyone without judgments. He likes to play games and eat yummy food. It’s a great thing that I happen to like those things too. He doesn’t complain very much and gives great talks, without stress. He just plans the talk by reading on the subject, writes a few notes, and gives a great and memorable talk. He actually spoke on honoring our parents a few weeks ago and gave great examples of stories from the scriptures where they honored their parents and how to apply it in our own lives. I love him so much.
Andy’s dad, George, is another very nice dad of ours. He loves our kids (which is a huge plus for us) and likes to help them have fun. He works really hard on whatever project he has undertaken. He likes to fix things and make things nicer. He is unassuming and modest when he talks about himself and doesn’t put himself above anyone. He is quick to apologize if he thinks he has offended anyone and is sincere. My Dad’s dad, Grandpa Gordon, is funny. He will normally pull a funny face in pictures, but is super sweet also. (This picture was taken in 2007 because in the rest of the pictures I have he is looking down at a cute baby of mine or with too many other people.) He loves it when we visit them and likes to make sure that the kids get a treat. He asks each of them about what they are doing and always asks me how I like being a mom. He acts ornery, but is really just great underneath. I know that he’s really not mean, like he acts. Sometimes, he growls too. He is very helpful to my grandma, especially since she has broken vertebrae in her back in the last few years because of osteoporosis, and is very loving and concerned about her too. I visited with him one day in the hospital while she had a procedure done to correct some back problems and he was very concerned and open with how worried he was. I really enjoyed seeing that side of him.

Somehow, I picked pictures that had all three kids, just Vincent, just Olivia, and just Elizabeth with each of the dads. I’m pretty cool that way.
Happy Father’s Day!!!


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