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Ransom Sibling Reunion

on August 14, 2009

This week Andy’s sister, Cindy, who lives in Utah, came to visit with her family (husband and six kids), so since the rest of Andy’s sisters all live in Tri-Cities too, we had a little reunion with Andy’s immediate family. Jared and Cindy and family drove over on Tuesday, so we went to visit with them at George and Shirley’s that night after dinner. All the cousins love to play and play very well together. It’s extra nice that Cindy has some older kids who take the younger ones under their wings (so to speak) and keep them entertained.
Wednesday, after visiting teaching, we hung around our house until after Vincent’s nap and then went over to George and Shirley’s for dinner. Andy met us there after he was done with work and we had a yummy barbecue dinner. I made some really good pineapple upside-down cake in the microwave. We took a few pictures and just chatted and caught up and made plans for the next day. I thought that it was just Cindy’s family going up to the mountain with George and Shirley, but when I was asking Shirley which day they were going up, she got the idea that we wanted to go too. (I just wanted to know when they wouldn’t be around, so if there was something else going on, I could arrange for that.) So, Andy’s other sisters planned on going, so we decided to go too.
Andy and his four sisters. Suzie, Cindy, Torrie, and Sara. (I know Cindy’s eyes are closed. If anyone has a better shot, I’ll take one.)The In-laws, in order of seniority. Jared, Doug, me (NaDell), David, and BradThursday, Andy took the day off work and we all went up to the mountain. We had picnic lunch in the house they built and the kids played in the camping trailer coloring and doing games with Blake (Cindy’s oldest). All the ladies chatted, but I was tired from staying up too late the night before and overwhelmed with all the stuff I do, so I rested in the car for a little while, which started some pregnancy talk. NOT PREGNANT! Just tired. I felt better after about a half hour on the way back home, but I was so grumpy and tired and weepy. Just the occasional woman hormone stuff, I guess. At least I only freak out like that one in two hundred days (or so) though…. I figured that all the other in-laws need their space way more often than me and are anti-social more often, so once in eight years isn’t bad, right?
When we drove up the driveway to the property in the mountains, we saw Cindy’s four oldest kids riding the four-wheeler with Grandpa George. They were having a great time!
All twelve grandkids at the mountain. Back-Sami, Brooke, Elizabeth, Jane, Kate, Vincent, Blake. Front-Olivia, Dylan, Max, Jack, and Archer.Elizabeth and Olivia playing chess.Anyway, Andy’s parents decided to take everyone out for pizza that night, so we came home and rested for an hour and a half before going over to meet everyone. By this point, I was feeling better, so I was pleasant. After dinner, we wanted to visit with Cindy’s family more, so we went over to George and Shirley’s to hang out while they went to visit Grandma Ellen. Andy taught the girls how to play chess. I say taught, but really he just showed them. They won’t remember, but they did have fun. Olivia won. We stayed too late again visiting and letting the kids play, and Vincent fell down the stairs too. It was a result of sleepy boy, silky sports outfit, and stairs. Not a good combo. He was halfway down and then leaned back and rolled down. He just got a little bit of blood on his top gums in his mouth. We got home about 10pm, put the kids to bed, and then I went to the store to get a few groceries and to try on some new pants and things I needed (since my old jeans have holes in them and wouldn’t work for the nice family picture…and I got to buy a size smaller than my smallest pair too, so the new pants fit well too). While I was there, I found a cheap red shirt for Elizabeth (the color scheme was black, red, and white for the family picture on Friday night) and a new Sunday shirt for Andy, hats for Vincent, tights for ballet, etc, etc. I got home after 11:30pm which I thought was pretty good for having to try on clothes (SO much nicer to do that without kids in the changing room, by the way.) I had already gone to Kohl’s on Monday after I found out what the color scheme was to pick out a shirt for Andy, Vincent, and I. I just don’t wear a lot of black and red anymore. My whole closet is full of brown, blue, and pink now, so it was nice to go and find a nice clearance, inexpensive shirt at Kohl’s. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Kohl’s?
Friday, we went visiting teaching in the morning again and then delivered some invitations to Olivia’s birthday party in a week and a half. Then we came home to eat lunch and rest until a birthday party for two of Elizabeth’s friends (twin boys). Instead, Shirley called to tell us that they were at a park down the road from us eating their lunch and that we could come play with them. We went down there and after ten minutes, I took Elizabeth to the party, then drove back to play, and after twenty minutes or so, everyone was done, so Olivia, Vincent, and I went back to the party to watch the fun. We got there just before the boys opened their presents from Elizabeth and had cake and ice cream with them. At the park with the zipline. Torrie tried it out with Olivia.Olivia swinging in her jumper. She always asks to wear a jumper. Every day. She loves those things. Good thing we have a supply.Then we went back home at 3:30pm to make Vincent take a nap and I took a nap while the girls played with Legos and Polly Pockets in the family room. I woke up about 6pm and got everything ready to go to George and Shirley’s for the picture at 7pm. We took a giant picture with everyone, which we hadn’t done since Elizabeth was almost two, and then individual family pictures, a grandkid picture, and a children with spouses picture. The pictures are professional ones though, so I don’t have those, but I do want to see them. I can’t hardly wait! After pictures, we had brownie and ice cream sundaes and the kids played and Andy set up his Guitar Hero downstairs for everyone to play. I think everyone really enjoyed that. We have two guitars and a microphone, so three people can play at a time. Everyone else was watching and singing along. Fun stuff.
Brad and Torrie teaming up on Guitar Hero.Grandpa George singing on Guitar Hero. Brooke was watching at this point, soaking it all in so she could beat her two older siblings at the duel later.Torrie and Kate jammin’.Suzie and Brooke trying it out.Torrie on vocals, Blake and his mom, Cindy playing the guitar and bass.There I am. Tearin’ it up on Pat Benetar’s “Heartbreaker”. That’s easily my favorite song on Guitar Hero (and I’m pretty good at it too.)Jack was so tired that he let Grandma Shirley hold him. Once Vincent saw that, he had to have Grandma hold him too.Vincent dancing with Torrie.
This is how the rest of the kids kept busy. Playing with the new toys Grandpa had the Utah cousins pick out to add to the toy collection. That, and running up and down the stairs. (I think this pirate ship is one they picked out on a visit a while ago though.)We didn’t leave there until almost 11pm, since Cindy leave back for home Saturday morning and we probably won’t see them again until the end of the year, so it’s nice to hang out with them and make sure the cousins all get to know each other. It was nice that Vincent had a late nap, so he’d be able to stay up late and not be too grumpy and he even learned how to say Max and Jack and “I love you”.
We love our families and it’s even better that they seem to like us too!


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