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Fun Thursday!

on August 20, 2009

Today, Andy’s sister, Sara, asked if we wanted to join her at the sprinkler park at lunchtime so the kids could play and she’d have someone to visit with while Sami played. I packed up some sandwiches, leftover chips, carrots, cucumbers, water, and cookies for our lunch and went on over.
The girls ran right in and then helped persuade Sami to play. Vincent even gave it a try! A little while later Andy’s Aunt Tricia came with her two littlest boys, Christopher and Brent, who are the same age as our girls are, to join us.
As always, here are some pictures of the kids playing.

Christopher, Elizabeth, and Olivia. I’m pretty sure the sun was right behind me and that’s why Elizabeth’s eyes are closed. That, or she just likes to mess up pictures. Oh, well.
Another try at the picture of Chris, Elizabeth, and Olivia.
Elizabeth and Olivia came over to check on Vincent and see if they could persuade him to run though. They couldn’t. As soon as I took the picture, the water sprayed up close to his face and he backed off.See? Running away from the water!To hide behind cousin Sami. She’s just as leery of it as he is.This is about the most we saw of Christopher’s brother, Brent. He learned how to ride his tiny bike a few weeks ago, and boy does he ride fast!After all that fun, we drove home (Olivia and Vincent fell asleep in the car) and the girls watched “The Little Mermaid” (where Ariel is naughty and disobeys her father-that’s what we told Elizabeth when it was her favorite movie a few years ago.) Then, Elizabeth went out and picked the tomatoes for a snack and we rested. It’s nice to have some restful days the end of summer. We will soon be busy enough with school, ballet, and all the holidays that come with the end of the year. So, we are enjoying the lazy days of summer.
Yesterday, we were talking about what Elizabeth wants me to pack in her lunch for school. Any things you liked when you were a kid or that you pack for your kids now? I have ideas, but am always looking for more. Cheap and easy ideas are the best, you know. :)


One response to “Fun Thursday!

  1. Jenks Jive says:

    That is my favorite water park! Not over crowded.

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