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Olivia’s FOUR!

on August 23, 2009

Tonight we did a big family party for Olivia’s birthday. We had both mine and Andy’s families come all at once to make for a busy, fun event.
Olivia smiling pretty for the camera. She was so excited that I fixed her hair like this Saturday night. All I did was pigtail braids and folded them under. She told me it was “the best hairdo EVER!”Olivia making a silly face.This morning though at church the Primary President came over to Olivia to ask her if it was her birthday and if they could sing to her in Primary. Olivia told her that the cake was in our laundry room though, so they wouldn’t have candles to blow out. I was able to be in there (because I was subbing for the fifth week in a row in different classes) when they sang to her and she was standing up there so cute next to two other kids celebrating their birthdays. After church, we did our normal snack, rest time, dinner stuff and then our party began.
Before everyone got to our house, Andy got out Guitar Hero to get it ready to play during the party. Olivia wanted to sing, but was really too quiet. She almost got kicked off until I saved her. Then, when someone came to the door, she wanted to quit.
Andy practicing before his sisters came to play with him.
On the invitation, I wrote to come in your “coolest outfit”, so I had to come up with something. I used my Ursula (from The Little Mermaid) blue eye shadow to rock out (or something.-I hadn’t thought of my outfit.) I did the side ponytail too. Yeah, not really rocker, just fun dress-up.
I found these blow up guitars online and bought 24 of them for the parties. (We have another one tomorrow afternoon with some of Olivia’s friends.) The kids really liked playing with them while the grown ups played Guitar Hero. Here’s Sami on Grandma Shirley’s lap playing her pink “air” guitar.
It was Olivia’s Uncle Brad’s birthday the day before, so I made him a little football cake out of the piece I cut off the other cake for the guitar.
Olivia blowing out the candles. It only took her four tries.
She had a little help opening presents….
She got the fishing pole she asked Andy’s parents for. It’s Hannah Montana. She requested a sparkly one, so this one really fit the bill. It even comes with a promise of a fishing trip with Grandpa George.
Olivia wanted to wear her dress up dress for the party, so I let her. It was her party afterall. She really wanted a dress up party, which is why I told everyone to dress in their coolest outfit. We are having some little boys come tomorrow and I didn’t want them to think they needed to dress up in our dress up clothes and figured they wouldn’t like playing princess, so we are having another rocker party tomorrow.
After everyone left, she played with some of the toys for a while and then went to bed. She had a fun day and is excited to play with her friends tomorrow.
Sorry there’s so few pictures. I’ll try to have even more next time.


2 responses to “Olivia’s FOUR!

  1. I wish we lived closer! Molly's 4th birthday was a dress up party too. She was excited to dress as a princess until the morning of the party when she decided to wear a pink skirt and turquoise tank top. She said she was a girl from India. Um, OK.

  2. Kelsey says:

    Happy Birthday Olivia! She looks cute with her new hair. It's adorable on her. Fun party. You look a little 80's NaDell. Cute!

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