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County Fair

on August 26, 2009

I haven’t been to the fair in years, but was given a free kid ticket and Olivia and Vincent are both free, so I just had to pay for me to get in (I really should have entered crafty things into the fair to get a free ticket for me. Next year!) Sorry, I thought I was done with summer events, but I guess not. Please, bear with another picture explosion.
Sara asked if we wanted to go, so we went with her and Sami. We parked at my brother’s house a block from the fair (so we didn’t have to pay for parking-Thanks, Christen!) and got to the fair about 10:15 this morning. We looked at Sara’s entries first to see how she did (we already knew she did awesome, but she wanted to check out her ribbons.)

Elizabeth, Vincent (eying Sami’s Oreos), Sami (eying Vincent and making sure he didn’t take them), and Olivia. The group shot didn’t work too well. :)We found this table with fabric squares for kids to color on. The quilt group uses the squares in quilts for sick kids. Both big girls colored them. Olivia copied Elizabeth’s horse picture.Vincent and Sami had regular paper to color on. Vincent did pretty well, until he started throwing the crayons. I had a good break to do everyone’s sunscreen in this cool building.
We went to the barn with birds and bunnies and a little girl brought her bunny over for Vincent. After I pet it, he would. He liked it.The girls both went through the fire house. Elizabeth came out the window. Olivia went back out the front door. She wouldn’t even try the window.We collected quite an amount of free stuff. (I LOVE free stuff!)Vincent fell asleep and rested for a while. Not that comfortable, huh?Elizabeth and Olivia checking out the ducks.Elizabeth and Olivia back on the bridge.I ran into Andy’s aunt in the ticket line, so she joined us and Sara took Sami home for naps. Brent and Elizabeth liked looking at the horse. (Elizabeth LOVES horses.)Olivia and Brent looking at the dirty cow. (It had poo all over it. I cropped it out of the picture.)Back to the building with drawing. Olivia drew a rainbow that just wouldn’t end at the bottom. She wanted to turn the fabric over, but I told her that after she was done with the rainbow, she could draw a pot of gold there.Chris and Brent drew pictures too.Olivia as the Panda.Vincent didn’t like the free hat much.Elizabeth and Olivia are in the third car. They did pretty well. We walked around and looked at all the rides before choosing the one ride they got to go on. This is the one they picked. (Yes, I’m cheap. It was $6 for one ride, after all!)A little closer, but not much better picture of the girls.
I walked with the kids over to the bigger rides after we were done. We slowly walked around to see what each of the rides did. And then ate that yummy cotton candy!Vincent really liked the cotton candy! Probably because he missed out on the fries the rest of us ate for lunch. I did give him pretzels and raisins though.Olivia as Spongebob and Elizabeth as Dora.Olivia in the ear of corn.Elizabeth asked the Army guys if they could sit in the Hummer. Elizabeth asked one of the Army guys if he knows Jeff (my brother who is in the Army). I told her that he probably doesn’t know him, since he’s in Kansas at Fort Leavenworth and the guy said that he had sent some people there, but he didn’t know him. In the back of a different Army truck on the way out. We had a really fun time.
We are going to go on the rides at a different theme park with Andy next month, so don’t feel too bad for them. They didn’t even beg me to buy each of them a $25 bracelet that would have allowed them to go on all the rides because I told them on the way over that they would only have one ride. Of course, that’s doesn’t mean they didn’t want to go on any other rides…next month!


3 responses to “County Fair

  1. Alissa says:

    Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. I LOVE the fair! I have gone nearly every year since I was tiny and the girls haven't missed a year yet. I'm so glad you had a good time.

  3. Yay for the fair! :) Glad you guys had fun.

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