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First Grade

on September 1, 2009

Today is Elizabeth’s first day of first grade. Yesterday they had a little sneak peek at the school for the first graders and parents. I took Elizabeth to drop off her supplies, do a scavenger hunt around the room to find all the important things, and find her locker.
Last night, we had our FHE and then Elizabeth showered to get ready for the next day. I helped her pick out a few outfits for the week and then Andy gave her a Father’s Blessing. It was sweet. After that, Olivia said our family prayer and asked for special things for herself at ballet today.
My little first grader, Elizabeth. Olivia went to ballet and had fun. She wants to wear her ballet clothes all day, but settled for a jumper.
Olivia in her ballet outfit. She really wanted the crown. I can’t say no to everything, right? I packed Elizabeth’s lunch Monday night so we would be all ready to go in the morning. She is a HUNGRY girl, so I am going to try this out to see how much she really needs and what she doesn’t eat will be her afternoon snack.Here’s what’s in it: PB & J, Cheese stick, mini cucumber-cut up, celery, fruit leather, baby pear yellow tomatoes-she LOVES them, Capri Sun, and three mini cupcakes frosted with sprinkles.
UPDATE: She ate all except a few celery pieces, a few tomatoes, and one quarter of the sandwich. Told you she’s a hungry kid!
Standing in front of the school with a dragonfly and a giant sunflower sculpture with glass globes of tile.Trying out her locker.
Picking out her desk.
Three more hours of time without Elizabeth. Naptime for Vincent! Yea! I’m going to get so much done without her here. Although, she is a really good playmate for Olivia, so maybe not….


7 responses to “First Grade

  1. Elizabeth has a locker? In First grade? Is it in her classroom or the hall? Weird! HOw fun for her though, she's going to learn a ton! I love first grade!

  2. NaDell says:

    Every kid in the school has a locker. There's no lock. It's just where they put their backpacks and jackets. It's in the hallway. Our school is starting it's third year since being rebuilt, so everything is really nice.I hope she will learn. She's so stubborn!

  3. I'm having a hard time figuring out how much Emily wants to eat too. Sometimes she eats everything. Today she had a bite of sandwich and that was IT. Crazy. Happy first day!

  4. janaemadsen says:

    How scary that she is starting school. I wish you were making my lunches. that looked good.

  5. I can't believe our babies our growing up! I mean I can. Its been a lot of work so far, but it also seems like such a short and lovely time. Elizabeth is a beautiful, and bright girl.

  6. Sara Mason says:

    so cute… i am so proud of her for being such a smart first grader!

  7. Kim Despain says:

    Looks like a successful beginning! We finally get to start this Wednesday ~ I think we are the last of anyone I know. Cute pics!

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