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Patriot Day

on September 11, 2009

The kids were dressed in head to toe red, white, and blue today for Elizabeth’s school pride day. (I dressed that way too, but I’m not as cute as they are.) I decided that I’d take their picture next to our flag after school this morning. Good thing no one had to change….
Sorry the pictures are a little washed out. The kids were in the shade. Oops. I lightened them so you can see their smiles better.
Olivia with her plastic purse and magic wand and dress up earrings.Elizabeth really wanted to be riding her scooter instead of taking a picture.Just the girls.See? Check out those awesome dress up earrings! She has a pretty fabulous headband on too!Olivia decided that she was going to call today “Flag Day” instead. I told her that that holiday is in June, but she kept it up. That’s really alright with me anyway. I explained 9/11 to Elizabeth on the way to school. Her response? “I hope no one burns down MY school.” I told her that no one would let anybody do that.
Since it seems to be a good thing to do, I’ll say where Andy and I were on that morning and when we found out. It happened just short of three months after we got married. We were asleep and Andy’s alarm went off to the talk radio station with the news. We were both awake just like that to turn on the TV and see what was going on. We didn’t think it could be real. We were still watching when the airplane ran into the second tower. Then we both had to go to work. At work, we found a TV to watch and worked while seeing all the sad news and chaos.
May I add that that day in March 2003, we were SO glad to finally see some action! This was one month after Elizabeth was born.
The song “I’m Proud to be an American” has been in my head all day. I love it. We love our country and the freedoms that we have living here. I really am proud to be an American. Way higher than that though is that I’m a daughter of God. It’s amazing how much each of us are blessed by knowing this and living where we live.


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