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Family Pictures

on September 13, 2009

In August we had a reunion with Andy’s siblings and his parents hired a professional photographer to come and take pictures of all of us. The photographer gave the CD with rights to print this weekend and so here is our family picture. He switched out sad faces with smiling ones (if there was a smiling one to trade) and the not looking faces with the looking at the camera faces too. He did a good job, I think. Vincent wasn’t in the mood to smile much, but since he isn’t screaming or crying, this was pretty good. He’s always all smiley and happy and laughing all the rest of the time, but when it’s time for a nice picture, that goes out the window.

And because I want to, I’ll add in the big group picture here. All of Andy’s sisters and their families. Within 9 days Sara’s baby Daphne will be here and this picture will be out of date already.


2 responses to “Family Pictures

  1. Julie says:

    Did Cindy and Jared have another baby? I didn't know that Sara was pregnant. Look what happens when we don't hang out when we come to visit the Carpenter clan. I love the family pictures. They look soooo nice. YOur family picture looks very nice. I bet it was nice getting it and not having to worry about crying and grouchy faces.

  2. The Stevens: says:

    WOw, what a beautiful family you have, I love the pictures:)

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