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on September 17, 2009

Wow! This was one busy, busy week. It’s now Thursday night and I have one more day (and there’s nothing written on the calendar even though I do have a couple of things going on…) before SILVERWOOD on Saturday with Andy and the girls. Vincent is going to hang out with one of my awesome friends for half the day and one of his aunts (not the one who’s due to have a baby any day) for the other half. We are going to have such a fun trip.
This week has been busy with visiting teaching for church, making plans for the open house at Elizabeth’s school for PTA, babysitting a little, Olivia started preschool on Wednesday. We did all the regular stuff too, like ballet, school, making lunches, phone calls, laundry, cookies, cross-stitching, and dinners.
The PTA had a wall of tables and I was in charge of the volunteer table. I came up with an idea earlier this week of a way to draw attention to the sign up sheets. We need volunteers so bad, so we don’t have to try to do it all ourselves. This year I had to compete with one of our PTA Vice Presidents dressed up like a “PTA Princess” too, so I had to think of something good. Last year I remembered that the sign ups were all sitting out on the table and it was hard to figure out what things were or if I wanted to sign up because it was Elizabeth’s first year there, so I wanted to stay at my table most of the night and keep it more exciting. Here’s what I came up with (after an online search had no ideas at all!) A few months ago this idea was rekindled in my head by a girl from church who made one for Elizabeth while the choir was practicing.
I made a giant “fortune teller” out of red poster board (2/$1 at Dollar Tree). I just put numbers on the outside. The middle section had morning, afternoon, evening, and from home options. The end result was all of the activities that PTA does for our school that fit into those times. We had a lot of people sign up and I think it was pretty successful. So glad it worked!
Numbers on the top.Choices on the inside.List of things someone could help with from home.
We also had many parents sign up to be PTA members and about 45 shirts sold too.

Olivia has made friends with the lady who helps kids cross the road in the mornings by the school. We drive, but this lady smiles at Olivia through the window and tells me she likes this lady’s pretty smiling face. This morning, the lady was telling Olivia “I love you” with hand signals. Olivia wanted to draw her a picture and we are going to meet this lady tomorrow morning with some pumpkin cookies too. (Don’t worry, she helps little kids learn to read at the school. It’s not just some random stranger.)

Here’s a video of Vincent last night. He was watching some Looney Toons while we played games. You have to see his little dancing!


3 responses to “PTA

  1. Kelsey says:

    I love your PTA idea! It's really creative. I'm glad it went well.

  2. You are AMAZING! How do you do it all?

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