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Amusement Park Amusements

on September 20, 2009

Andy here, NaDell asked me to write about our trip on Saturday, the 19th, to Silverwood, The Northwest’s Largest Theme Park (according to them, anyway). This is the nearest amusement park to Tri Cities, it’s in Northern Idaho, near Coeur d’Alene. The four of us had big fun. I say ‘four’ because Vincent didn’t get to come along. He spent part of the day with some friends, and the other part of the day with my sister. So, now you know why he isn’t in any of these pictures. Anyway, we left town at about 8:30 and got there a little after eleven, which was right after they open, this time of year. Immediately, we hit the rides.
This ride is called Tremors. If you look really hard at this picture, you’ll see a guy in a red shirt, in the middle of the roller-coaster train, that’s me. Elizabeth is sitting next to me with white knuckles.
I had to go solo on the Panic Plunge, the girls weren’t tall enough. You slowly go up about a hundred feet, then it drops you. Naturally, it slows down before you get to the bottom. NaDell took this picture, but she wasn’t interested in taking her turn on this ride.
Elizabeth was a bit shook up after the roller-coaster ride, so we went to some of the tamer rides for a while. Here’s the Kiddie Helicopters.
Next was the Ferris Wheel, they have two, one has cars that can go upside-down, but no one wanted to go on that with me. So we settled for the regular Ferris Wheel. The weather hadn’t been that bad, but it got a little windy up here. Olivia got a little nervous when the wind started rocking us.
Here’s NaDell and Olivia on the Paratrooper. Olivia says she liked all these rides, but her looks show she’s not quite sure about it.
Here we are on the oldest roller-coaster in the park. No safety bars are needed because it only goes five miles an hour. Although, we did get held-up by desperados who wanted money for the Wishing Star charity.
The girls wanted to sit in the very front of the train. That was fine with me, because I like trains, and it was interesting watching this old steam engine chug along. It’s a 1915 narrow-gauge locomotive (which means it’s built for smaller track than regular trains use). Originally it burnt coal, but it burns used motor oil, and vegetable oil now.
Olivia wanted to ride the carousel. NaDell’s pictures of us riding were all blurry, these things go so fast, you know.
Elizabeth was a good sport about riding these big coasters. She was too short for some of them, but she rode everything she was tall enough to get on. She even rode the ride behind her twice.
The most impressive ride in the park is called Aftershock. NaDell didn’t want to ride this, and the girls were too short, so I had to go solo again. It lifts you up and lets you go. You do a loop-de-loop through the wall of flame and then you stop and do it again, but backwards (OK, there’s no wall of flame, but how fun would that be?) You can’t see me in this picture because I’m at the very top, on the side away from the camera. I highly recommend this ride, but after I rode it a couple of times my head hurt. I think my brain might have rattled around a little, inside my head.
Elizabeth really wanted to go on the bumper-boats, I did not, but she went with me on the roller-coasters, and I couldn’t come up good enough excuse to make me not seem like a jerk.
You hold those handles, and there’s a button for each thumb. One button makes the motor go, and the other makes water squirt out. See Elizabeth squirting that kid in the upper-right? He was totally drenched from going on this ride over and over. Then he and some other kid got me in a cross-fire and let me have it. I did my best to outmaneuver them, but I think there was something wrong with my boat. It was as if it weighed 150 pounds more than theirs.
It was getting close to being time to go, but we hit a few more rides. Here we are on the old-time cars. I thought Olivia ought to have been driving. It’s the least she could do, since I had to drive all the way home.

All in all, it was a fun day. No one threw up, and no one pooped their pants on the thrill-rides. Those of us who go to go to the fun-park had fun, and according to witnesses, Vincent had fun playing with his friends and cousins.


7 responses to “Amusement Park Amusements

  1. Awe memories!!! Congrats for doing something so great together! Sounds and looks like it was a lot of fun! Have a great day!

  2. Alissa says:

    Nice! I'm totally jealous that you got to ride the Aftershock, Andy. It opened a week after we were last there. NaDell – you're not a roller coaster gal, huh? You're totally missing out! Glad everyone had a great time!

  3. Kelsey says:

    It looks like it was so much fun. Elizabeth sure is an adventurous girl! Love how Andy got soaked! I'll be the kids had fun getting him wet!

  4. If I was fast enough at crocheting them I think I would sell them, but I am not. I just make them for fun. Thank you though. It is so easy, which is why I can do it. :)

  5. Andy- You need to do commentary more often. It looks like you really got into it.

  6. Julie says:

    How stinkin' fun!!!! I can't wait for our girls to be a little bit older where they will want to do that. Kaylee is still too terrified to try things like that. She is slowly growing out of it though and hopefully within the next year or so she'll like it.Scott wants to go to Silverwood really bad.

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