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Happy October!

on October 4, 2009

I love the Fall season. I love the leaves changing, falling, and blowing into our neighbor’s yards so we don’t have to mess with them. Our backyard has a large tree and we do keep most of those leaves. I love the yummy soups and pumpkin cookies and warmth of cuddling into a blanket and a good book or movie. Fall is so great! The temperature is the best and I just love FALL!
Tomorrow I need to decorate for Halloween.
I also get to start helping in Elizabeth’s class in the morning.
The girls are all set for FHE activity. Grandma Shirley printed out some paper dolls that we are going to cut out and play with.
This week is going to be a great one.
I apologize for my lack in blogging this last week. I love to read other peoples’ updated blogs and then completely neglect mine once in a while.
Yesterday in between General Conference, we went to Keone’s Star Wars themed birthday party. It was at a gym here and they had the kids complete Jedi training. They went through a “Stellar Obstacle Course”, swam in the “Intergalatic pool”, and had “Planetary Pizza and Cosmic Cake”. The girls had a great time. Vincent stayed home with Andy to nap. I did manage to take a few pictures this week.
They lined up and then jumped over kid hurdles, jump roped, shot a basketball, and then scootered to the back of the line. Unless you were little like Olivia. Then, you could just run cutely through the things and run back to the line. I was a little disappointed because one boy in the other line was about the same size as her was pushed back on the scooter by the girl helper from the gym. I kind of hoped Olivia would be too.
Standing in line listening to the instructions. Keone is the tall boy at the front of the line. Elizabeth is in black and white and Olivia is at the end of the line.I didn’t want to get in the pool, so I brought along the life jacket for Olivia. Elizabeth does really well with just a noodle. They stayed together the whole time too. That made it really easy to watch them.We are getting ready for our third annual Adult HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY!!! It’s going to be at our home on Friday, October 30th. Invitations will be delivered soon, but just in case you need more time to plan a fabulous costume, now you know. Yummy treats and spooky games, and of course, a lot of fun! Find a babysitter, if needed, and come play!

I guess I’ll let you read some of the tidbits that did happen this week. I already posted these on Facebook, so sorry if you have to read them twice.

I made chore charts for the girls and told them that they will start tomorrow. I also told them that if they do it today and check to make sure that it’s done tomorrow, it counts. They asked if it was okay to help each other with the chores. Um, okay. Go for it. They are now cleaning the bathroom together. We’ll see how long this keeps up!

I sorted through all the kid clothes to put away summer stuff and find long pants. I love fall weather! No more skinned knees, right, just holes in jeans. Wait, maybe that’s not better!

I was going to go up to my former work to get invitations printed for our Autumn Event, but wanted to do a few other errands first, so I dropped off our Goodwill stuff and shopped there, then went to another thrift store (I found some more pants for Elizabeth and Vincent and a few dresses for Elizabeth too!) and when I was walking out of the last one and about to go up to my old print shop, I ran into my old boss and handed the stuff to him. It was so great because he told me that the road in front of the store was under construction and closed. It was naptime too, so it was so nice! It’s great to be in the right place at the right time!

Read a name on top of a form yesterday in the name place. We thought it was a joke until someone told us how to say it. First name: abcde. Pronuciation: Ab-sid-ee. Now, I’m not really one to make fun of unique names (since I have one of my own that I’ve dealt with all the misspellings and mispronunciations my whole life and making sure forms at the school and church all spell my name the right way-My D is BIG!) I just thought it was interesting and I hadn’t ever heard it before. I really like my kids to have basic, classic names, obviously. :)

I enjoyed General Conference. I hear many things that touched my spirit, but can’t remember exactly who said what or quote what they said. The kids are a little distracting and when you sit in the recliner and then Vincent wants to cuddle, you kind of don’t pay attention very well (and maybe, maybe you fall asleep.) I’m looking forward to reading all of the talks in the Ensign. That is something I always do. I figure that if I can waste time doing other things (computer, reading books, crafting, baking, etc) then I should have time to read the wonderful material sent to our home monthly that is inspired counsel given to us. One of my Relief Society Presidents once said that she read the newspaper every morning, but had a hard time reading her scriptures. That made me reevaluate my reading of the church magazines and put them to the front of the stack. I read while I eat my breakfast and lunch a lot of days. Just another idea of a way to get it done.
Have a great week in October!


3 responses to “Happy October!

  1. Can I come to the party?Happy October to you too!

  2. Alissa says:

    Glad to see a blog update! Looks like a really fun party the girls went to. Have a great week….

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi NaDell!I too love October. Such a beautiful time, isn't it!?It's been great getting to know you these past few weeks in ballet.See you tomorrow!

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