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Reading Time

on October 10, 2009

I love lazy Saturday mornings. It’s so nice that the kids can be easily entertained.
When I came back from helping Elizabeth start a craft project in the family room, I saw this in the hallway outside the bathroom where Andy was getting ready. Olivia was “reading” the story of “Purplicious” to Vincent and making up her own story too. Mostly, it was what happened, so I think that’s a good sign for her future reading prognosis (or something). Elizabeth is still so stubborn about reading. She’d rather just listen still. She knows some words and can sound out others, but pretends she can’t. I make her anyway. She will catch on soon, I hope! Vincent loves books too.After they finished reading, and I came in here to upload the pictures, Olivia took her book behind the door. I think she was hiding from Vincent. I think it worked too, which is almost more funny than that she was hiding behind the door.Last night Andy and I went to an Elder’s Quorum Pinewood Derby. We lost horribly, but our car did win best design. At least we still got a prize of three already opened boxes of Cheerios (the boxes were open, but not the bags.)Andy was in Dallas, Texas most of the week, so it was nice to spend some time with him. He left Monday morning, really early and got back Thursday night, really late. He was doing some training there. He has some pictures to upload today or tomorrow.
This week was pretty good with just me and the kids. I survived. I know I can do it alone, but I don’t want to long term obviously. I had fun together with the kids though and did a lot of crafting for our Autumn Event after they went to bed.
Here’s the Touchy-Feely Baby Girl Quilt I made. I am almost done with two boy ones too. Every square is different and they feel different and help babies to see different patterns too for their “tummy time”.
I made these tote bags for children. They are just big enough for a notebook, markers, and the addition of a child’s toy.
Today we are going to a wedding for one of Andy’s co-workers in Umatilla. The kids are coming too. Hope it’s fun. Maybe I’ll take some pictures. Now, off to bathe and dress some kids and hope that my ibuprofen kicks in so my back will stop hurting so bad! Andy left to pick up the rest of the supplies to finish our family room ceiling


One response to “Reading Time

  1. I think I used to wear the same nightgown as Olivia! Or something very very similar. Kevin is the same as Elizabeth in reading I guess. He knows some words and sounds others out. He likes to listen and so pretends sometimes that he can't. I am sure they will get it. I LOVE the baby blanket. You are so talented!

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