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Walk in the Rain

on October 13, 2009

I dropped off a friend’s daughter a few blocks away after school and the girls wanted to walk home in the rain. I drove half a block at a time to keep an eye on them. Then, once they hit our road, I parked and ran in the house to grab the camera.I love that they are holding hands so sweetly.
Elizabeth wanted her winter coat today. Oh, and I found those umbrellas at the Dollar Store last year.
After we got in, Elizabeth told me that Olivia stepped in a puddle she couldn’t jump over, so while she changed her socks and pants, I made some hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped topping on top. Yum. We are all wearing slippers too.
Cozy and warm. But a little sad that we only had two weeks (if that!) of Autumn.


2 responses to “Walk in the Rain

  1. Autumn? What's that? Cute girls. We got Olivia's picture today, thanks! She's sooo fun and curious you can tell! Actually, I love autumn, but we don't get much of it here either! We've already had snow!

  2. Thanks again NaDell!!! Michelle and Whitley thought it was so cool that Elizabeth and Olivia got to walk home while you and Vincent had to go in the car!!

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