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Harvest Hoedown

on October 29, 2009

The first graders at Elizabeth’s school have a Harvest Hoedown each year. Tonight was it.
It was pretty fun since it didn’t feel too weird to try to dress up cowboy-ish for a night right before Halloween.
(I’m going to apologize again for never being able to narrow pictures down. I guess I already did delete all the bad shots, so I’m left with mostly good ones to choose from here. Sorry.)
Andy dancing with Elizabeth. The kids learned a do-si-do dance that she showed him a few nights ago and told him she’d pick him to dance with.
While they waited for the music to begin, Elizabeth was standing like this with her hands folded behind her back. She acts like that is a comfortable stance. How strange. Now, you have to try it. You know you want to. Is it comfortable? Wait, maybe it’s not much worse than hands on the hips. I might need to try it some more…

Olivia and Vincent watching the show.
The kids were getting pretty excited about the first grade hoedown before Andy got home. Olivia just asked Elizabeth to “teach me the hoe dance.” I’m pretty sure I don’t want her dancing that way…Therefore, she was a wallflower instead.Elizabeth showed us the scarecrow that she colored in class. Eating our haystack cookies. The kids made them in class. Elizabeth said they used the teacher’s crockpot. They also announced that the kids had clean hands. Um, yeah, I sure hope so!
Me and my girls eating our snacks. Andy hung out with Vincent by the stroller avoiding the food battle with him, but also took some cute shots of Vincent.Here’s all three kids in the picture posing spot. I can never manage a really great picture with all three looking the same direction at the same time, so I’ve kind of given up a little, especially when there is so much to look at on either side of me.
I baked SO many cookies today and after the hoedown, we went and picked up the rest of the refreshments for the Adult Halloween Costume Party Friday night at our house (7pm-10pm).


5 responses to “Harvest Hoedown

  1. Mary says:

    So what was in those haystack cookies??

  2. NaDell says:

    I think just chow mien noodles and butterscotch chips. They weren't all that great if you don't like butterscotch much. Elizabeth liked hers a lot though. Obviously.

  3. janaemadsen says:

    I have never heard of a harvest hoedown. I still am sad about missing the halloween party. Have fun!

  4. Alissa says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! Hope the party goes well tonight.

  5. You look so cute with braids NaDell. I have a hard time narrowing down pictures, too! There all so cute.

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