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on November 1, 2009

Our family on Halloween. Andy is Tron. I am a cowgirl. Elizabeth is an orange fairy. Olivia is a fairy mermaid. And Vincent is a bear.
On a side note, does anyone wear a size 8-8 1/2 shoe? Want some boots? They are Candies brand and I bought them at a thrift store. They are in good shape, but don’t really fit me.
Our day started with a birthday party for a boy in Elizabeth’s class. His mom filled this enormous pinata full of candy. Then, we were the only ones who showed up. That’s the trouble with a Halloween birthday, moving to a new place a few months before your birthday, and just starting a new school year. I’m glad we were able to make it. A few others RSVPed and said they’d come, so I planned on leaving after I met them and a few more kids came, but instead I stayed and enjoyed the party. I was hesitant to leave since I didn’t know them anyway, but that helped the decision.

Elizabeth loved taking swings at the pinata. She had a few turns on this one before it came tumbling down.
Vincent even had a turn. The mom of the birthday boy helped him out while I took pictures. She forgot about a camera, so I took some pictures for her and made her a CD of them. Can’t forget pictures at a birthday party! Olivia opted out of the pinata hitting.
The birthday boy’s older brother. See, there is SO much candy! We left most of it there after the kids picked it up.
Elizabeth with part of the pinata.
Elizabeth with the birthday boy (the one trying to blow a bubble) and his brother.
After the birthday party, we changed into costumes and left Vincent with Andy so he could have a nap (for an hour). I took the girls trick-or-treating to a block of mall that has trick-or-treating on Halloween for the kids.
We went home and picked up Andy and Vincent and all of us went to the church for games and then a trunk-or-treat (everybody lines up in the parking lot to hand out candy trunk-to-trunk instead of door-to-door.) Elizabeth ran into a girl (who is her brand new very bestest friend and who has been out sick for a week) at the church carnival. They went around the gym to play games together and they even let Olivia tag along.
While I was watching the girls do the cake walk, I was talking with a dad of another friend and he said his daughter was doing the walk for the whole time and hadn’t won a cupcake yet. As soon as he said that, Olivia won. Then two times later Elizabeth won. Um, sorry. I think his daughter gave up after that.
To end the day, we went over to Andy’s boss’s house to show him our costumes and then to Andy’s parent’s house to see them and Andy’s sister Sara and her family and Andy’s aunt. Sami and Daphne were ballerinas. Vincent was trying to share his candy with Daphne. David tried to let him down gently when he informed him that Daphne could not eat it. She’s so cute!
Vincent wouldn’t smile in our family picture because I took away his treat bucket, so here’s one after we got home.
We asked our game night buddies to come and play games after the kids went to bed, so we spent our extra hour from daylight savings time playing games and sorting through the kids’ candy. Now they have less candy and I have better candy. They wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I will anyway.


One response to “Halloween

  1. Mary says:

    Too much to comment on! You had a very busy day. Was the Mall the Uptown??? They girls are getting better at looking at the camera… Good job on all the costumes!

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