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Catch up

on November 25, 2009

That’s c-a-t-c-h up, not ketchup. Yuck. I don’t like the smell of ketchup. Now I’m thinking about it and scrunching my nose up in distaste. Yuck.
How have I gone more than a week without blogging!?
I guess we haven’t done anything super blog-worthy and I’ve been lazy.
I check all the time for other people to update and then neglect my own. Sorry dear little blog.
Really, I’ve been busy because someone sent me a link to a great new recipe site and I had to look at the whole thing to get ideas. And then that site had a cool link to a how not to dress like a mom site and I wanted to read all of that. Kind of crazy, but fun.

Tuesday was a day we didn’t have anything really planned to do except go to the library at some point. At 8:30, I got a call from my old work at a print shop asking if I would like to do some binding work at home. Of course! I love it when they need help from me and it’s a lot easier for them to get someone to help them who already knows how to do it and what their standards of quality are, rather than hiring a temp service or something. Anyway, so my old boss brought the boxes over for me to work on and I did them throughout the day in between switching laundry and taking care of the kids and making dinner and all that. I worked on them after the kids went to bed too for a total of 5 hours and 15 minutes. Extra money is always helpful. It was nice to have an unplanned day.

Monday was super planned out. The kids all had dentist appointments at 10am. They all took turns in the chair and none of them had cavities. They all liked having their turn too. It was a pretty good day at the dentist. One of my best friends from high school is the dental assistant at the office we go to so I was able to chat with her during the whole appointment. I did take some pictures because I hadn’t ever done that before. Elizabeth loved showing off her space from her lost tooth.
Olivia likes to hold this doll they have. She picked the strawberry flavored cleaner. She didn’t like that at all and required extra mouth rinsing. She kept almost gagging. She still liked having her teeth clean though.Even Vincent didn’t mind sitting in the chair or having the metal instruments in his mouth after watching the girls. He LOVES to brush his teeth. The dental assistant brushed some fluoride on his teeth to protect them too.After the dentist, we came home, had lunch, and Vincent had a nap, before Andy’s sister Sara came over with her two daughters to babysit/hang out with our girls while Andy and I went over to the school for Elizabeth’s parent/teacher conference. Her teacher told us that Elizabeth needs to work on neatness and not rushing through her work. She is right on grade level and does extra well in math, when she stops to check whether it’s addition or subtraction.
As soon as we finished with the conference, we picked up the kids and drove down to Hermiston (dropping Andy off at the place he works in Umatilla on the way) to get haircuts. We were thinking about doing the Locks of Love program, but I think we’ll wait until next summer when all of us girls have long enough hair to have some left over after the cut. My cousin on my mom’s side cuts hair down there and we like to go there to visit with her and catch up. I have cousins who live there from my dad’s side too, so I let a few of them know that I was going to be down there, but didn’t have time to come to their houses, but that I’d love to see them and they could come visit us while we had haircuts, so one of my cousins came over with her two cute kids. It was nice to see them. We took the long way back to Umatilla to pick Andy up and I showed the kids where I lived for most of elementary school and where a friend lived and the stores I used to ride my bike to and the place I used to go to buy penny gum (I LOVED that place! It was the best!) We drove past the giant cowboy and then picked Andy up and saw where he works three days a week and met some more of his coworkers. It was a nice trip.
Sunday was pretty routine. Andy went to choir practice and I bathed the kids while he was there and then I got ready. I made some lemon poppyseed muffins for breakfast and left out the poppyseeds for two of them so Andy would like them. Sacrament meeting was great and the adult speakers talked about keeping a gratitude journal for the past month or so and some of the things it helped them to be thankful for. Then, down to the nursery where we played with/separated/entertained/fed/consoled/etc 18 kids. We do have helpers by the way. There were four or five of us down there. It wasn’t too bad. We do the lesson while the kids eat their snack because it keeps them in their seats longer and their mouths busy. We tried to do the lesson the way the other leaders did by going to the room across the hall, but the kids freak out when they see the stairs and don’t get to go home. It’s not worth fighting them to stay in the other room and wrangling them, so Andy does the lesson while they eat. It works wonderfully and they all pay attention (okay, so not ALL of them do, but at least a few of them get it by the end of the five minute or less lesson.) Olivia’s sunbeam teacher told me that close to the end of class she had to tell them all to stay in their seats and turned out the light. I guess it was a hard day. She also told me that she asked the kids if they wanted to know what she did right after church each week. She told them that she takes a nap. Olivia told her, so does my mom! We stayed home for our dinner this week because Andy went home teaching. Andy watched a movie with the kids before they went to bed.

Saturday we went to a kid song concert by Wiggle Like a Fish which one of Elizabeth’s classmate’s dad does. The kids all got balloons and had a great time doing the motions of the fun songs. A neighbor of mine asked if someone could watch her son while she went to get a haircut, so he came with us. He was a great buddy for Olivia.
This is Elizabeth with her friend, Lauren. They were the helpers for the first song.
Olivia got to help out too.
Here is the mascot fish with the kids who would stay in the picture. Vincent would not.
On the way home, I mentioned that the friend’s little brother might be sad that he doesn’t have a balloon when his brother does and Elizabeth said that she didn’t even like balloons and said she’d give her balloon to the brother. Fast forward an hour when the friend went home and Elizabeth didn’t want to give away the balloon. I made her anyway because she said she would (and the brother is 2, not 6 months or something, and would notice). As I talked to my neighbor, Elizabeth popped Olivia’s balloon with a pencil and then followed us out and let go of Vincent’s balloon into the sky. Holy cow! She had some major anger issues there! So, I sent her to her room to calm down while she told me that it “wasn’t fair that they had balloons and she didn’t!” and that I was “a BAD mom”. Yeah. Nice. So, she had a good little time out and then Andy went in to talk to her and took her with him to run a boring errand. When they got back, I just avoided her. We butt heads too much when she gets like that. I took a nap instead. Then I went to pick up our babysitter so Andy and I could go out to eat with a huge group of friends. There were 20 of us at PF Changs. Andy and I hadn’t been there, but were wanting to, so we joined the tail-end of the “super date” that one of my friends arranged. The first part was going to see “New Moon” and I don’t care all that much about the movie and I know Andy doesn’t, so I didn’t make him go with me like all the other husbands had to do. I know, I’m a very nice wife! (I did read all the books and watched the first movie. I’m sure I’ll go see the second movie at some point, but I’m not all that worried about it.) It was great to have a date and the food was SO good. I had leftovers to eat after church on Sunday too.
Here are what our fortunes said. I’m pretty sure mine is the very best one.
Andy: “Don’t worry about the stock market. Invest in family.” Great idea.
Mine: “You will receive money from an unexpected source.” Anyone? Anyone?

Friday started the no school break for Elizabeth for parent/teacher conferences and continues until next Monday. She has ten days off. So far, there haven’t been anymore really bad tantrums like the other day, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we will go over to Andy’s parent’s house for that with two of his sisters who live here (Torrie and Brad are on a cruise in the Bahamas for a belated honeymoon) and many extended family too. Then on Saturday we will go to a Thanksgiving with my family. My mom is great and doesn’t mind that we do it after (or the Sunday before) because then everyone who wants to gets to come. The four of us who live close by also have in laws who live close by, so it makes a lot of sense to not worry about the exact day and who is coming and which year it is for the rotation and that no one will come one year, which is lonely. My parents usually have dinner on Thanksgiving with other families in their ward who don’t have family close. Friday night (the day after Thanksgiving) we are playing games with friends in town. If you want to come, you can. We start at 6:30 here. Let me know if you are coming.
Don’t forget to vote in my poll above. You’re almost out of time.
Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to be glad you have food to eat and a warm home to live and people who love you.


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  1. While there is so much that I could comment on and share similar feelings and experiences with you, I will just say it is nice to hear about you and your family, and I am excited for a time when we can visit again.

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