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Thanksgiving Part 2

on November 29, 2009

We got together with my parents and three of my five siblings last night for our belated Thanksgiving.
It was crowded, but a lot of fun. See my mom’s post here.
We took the cousin picture as soon as all the cousins who were coming were there. We were missing Jeff’s boy Ben and Brant’s two boys Chris and Caleb. 11 out of 14 is pretty good.The cousins all love to play and had games of ring around the rosie, tag (until someone almost got hurt), and a little hide and seek. Then they just worked on messing up the toys in the spare room. I think the boy cousins played with Barbies with Olivia too. =)
The food was delicious and everyone liked my pies. I made a vanilla pudding cheesecake with blueberry or cherry pie filling to go on top, a key lime pie with the real Florida juice my friend brought me from Florida, and a banana creme pie in an Oreo crust.
The missionaries live at my parent’s house now, so one of them got a piece of pie and put it in the freezer for after their next appointment.
I like that we stretch the holiday out and make it so everyone can come. It’s a lot of fun that way.
Olivia wanted to sweep after my dad cleaned the floor.
This is the hat Elizabeth made on Thanksgiving Day. She has a cape and necklace and crown, but she made those after this picture.


2 responses to “Thanksgiving Part 2

  1. Mary says:

    Actually the Elder ate the pie for Breakfast Sunday morning. Funny guy.I liked it better at home, even if it was crowded. It's not as hard as taking everything to the Church.

  2. How fun! Sounds like a nice Thanksgiving! I love the picture of all the grandkids or cousins however you think of it. Those pictures are always great.

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